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  • So after last week's OTB escapade I shall now be £300 lighter
  • hora

    **** your kit. I’d rather smash a 2k frame than my Tibia etc.

    Kit is there to take the bullet for you. Is that a Predator-style laser cannon on your helmet?

    Premier Icon thepurist

    TOP TIP : Make sure your new lid doesn’t have any of those red lines on – looks like they’ve weakened the polystyrene and its cracked along them.


    I certainly wouldn’t want any permanent damage to myself but every time I’ve had a spill on a bike, the first thing I worry about is the cost of any bike repairs.

    And no that’s a Exposure Diablo 😆

    [edit] very droll Mr purist. For that, I’m now going to bore you rigid and explain that those photos are focus stack composites. The vertical one is made up of 10 shots to get a decent dof. 😛

    Premier Icon somafunk

    There must be a met helmet problem, i’ve only ever smashed met helmets..

    God bless T-J and his helmet debates but i think it’s safe to say that the Met helmet above more than likely saved me from a good few months of being fed through a straw.


    Fack somafunk those look nasty. 😯

    I’ve always found Met to fit me the best. You any recommendations?

    Ouch (in the wallet) Helmet did its job, oakley lenses may have saved your eyes 😯
    From the pics its lucky you didn’t tuck and roll a bit and get a lump of aluminium light unit smash through your skull too!
    (yes I wear a helmet mounted light too, but the thought “what if” has occurred to me, crash helmets certainly weren’t designed to protect you with lumps of metal fixed to them)


    Stupid OTB crash last week whilst out with some guys. Don’t need to go into my lack of skilz but I ended up landing on my right shoulder / head.

    Result? Nicely scratched Oakley prescription lenses at £200 and a cracked lid.

    Only looked at the lid yesterday and from a distance it looked OK.


    I don’t want to start a helmet debate but I can safely say that even at the relatively low speed I crashed at, things would have been a lot muckier if I hadn’t been wearing a lid.

    That was my older Met Stradivarius @ £100. I have another Strad but it might be time to try another brand to see if anything newer fits.


    I went OTB at stanmer about a month ago and landed directly on my head. I felt the helmet do it job as it cushioned the blow.

    There were no visible evidence of damage to the helmet, but I stamped on it in the car park to avoid the temptation to use it again.


    Double post, sorry

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Youngest stepdaughter had a car turn left across her outside Salford Uni.
    Her head hit the nearside front wheel of the car, then the kerb.

    Hellmet was crushed and broken on both sides.
    She ended up with concussion.

    I like helmets.


    Pack it all in and get yourself a mono-slipper.

    For that, I’m now going to bore you rigid and explain that those photos are focus stack composites. The vertical one is made up of 10 shots to get a decent dof.

    How do you do that then? Can one combine that with an HDR process?

    How’s your head/neck/shoulder?

    Premier Icon paladin

    Went OTB in February, bust my glasses and collarbone, off work for a few months, got sickpay, but still lost out on about 5k.

    Thankfully the hospital INSISTED on removing my jacket without cutting it, causing me the most pain I’ve ever experienced, but saving me from spending £30 on a new jacket.

    Glad I had a lid on tho…


    i went over the bars few months ago, called myself a few choice words,picked myself up and rode home wasn’t till later i looked at my helmet 2 cracks right through didn’t think i hit the floor that hard but just proves what could have been. showed the damaged helmet to friends who thought son’s who thought helmets were for wimps changed their minds ..job done….


    Good work OP, glad you’re OK.

    Hora +1

    Jebus somafunk, that must have been some accident. It looks like you went over the bars and straight into a concrete crusher.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Helmets are awesome!

    My four year old son sees it as a badge of cycling honor to wear his even when riding in the garden. I never ride without now partly as an example to him but mainly so I don’t end up with scrambled brains.

    That’s why you wear contact lenses and no more than £10 safety glasses and/or £25 goggles, rather than prescription glasses.
    Seriously look into contact lenses, even if you can only live with them for sports and they are just disposable ones.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    tonyd : I did go over the bars somewhat unexpected at considerable speed, landed on my head then surfed to a graudual stop using my elbow as an ground anchor which resulted in a compound fracture and a nice bit of bone sticking out, i had a headache as well come to think of it 😉 , it made the 10 mile cycle back to the car then a 25 mile drive to the nearest A&E quite eventful but once i got there the drugs were wonderful 😀


    M1kea – is it worth looking at the Met replacement policy? Met crash replacement
    Its a bit vague about cost and your lid needs to be less than 2 years old but might save some money.


    Isn’t the Stradivarius a road helmet?

    Glad you’re alright, rather your protection getting messed up than you eh?



    Serious props to you for picking yourself up again after all that 😯

    My two ‘biggest’ crashes have been on the road. First one back in 96 had me off the bike at speed and a crack straight down the middle of the helmet. – I hadn’t even been aware I’d hit my head at the time.

    Second one in 2000 was a wheel coming together. I pulled in too quickly and basically caught my rear wheel in a friends front quick release. Tore every NDS spoke out of my wheel, which unsurprisingly then collapsed.

    Back to last week. That helmet is a few years old so out of warranty. I also have a suspicion I might of caught my Exposure bar light with my face as it sheared out of it’s quick release mount. That may have been the cause of the lens scratching.

    CGG – I’ll leave you a message on the B’ton MTB forum


    Glad you’re okay Op, hooray for helmets. Can’t believe people don’t wear them, the potential harm they might save you is well worth the cost.

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