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    May be better to go in the afternoon. Ride or sightsee in morning, pootle up later, come down after 5?


    Best to go up after 17:00 which will give you a clear run down by the time you get to the top but if you want to do it in the morning I would say 06:30 start.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    I was walking up there last weekend and set off from Llanberis at 6.30am and it was like walking in Oxford St crazy busy, there were folk walking down who’d set off at 3am 😯

    I would set off at first light say 5 – 5.30am top out at 8am back in Llanberis and more importantly Pete’s Eats for 8.30am 😀

    Then head to Coed Y Brenin for a lap or two, top day out


    Would a reasonably unfit person need to start to be down either Llanberis or Ranger path before 10am at this time of year?

    Edit – from the bottom…not from brum!


    We biked it last weekend , set off up the llanberis path at 6.30am, then back down the rangers and telegraph valley. We were in Pete’s eats for just after 10.

    Incedentally, we thought the rangers and telegraph valley was a bit rubbish, too boring. Llanberis path a much better ride down. I’m aware that opinion flies in the face of popular view, but we generally thought it wasn’t worth the climb up.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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