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  • scottidog

    Thinking about heading over to Snowdon tomorrow.

    Has anyone been up recently and is there much snow or ice at the moment? Planning on going up Llanberis then doing the rangers and either pushing back up to do the Llanberis path, or coming back via the telegraph valley.

    I’ve not been there before and don’t have a map, looking on the net though navigation looks pretty straightforward. Is the rangers path signed from the summit?

    One last thing, where is best to park up?


    Premier Icon Pook

    Park in the big car park in llanberis. The paths up are well signposted. At the top, the ranger path drops down from a large stone marker near the train track. You’ll pass it on the way up. At the bottom of the rangers, carry on til you see a bw sign pointing up a grassy climb. This leads to telegraph valley and ultimately llanberis again. Or buy a map. You could probably Google a decent guide. Hope that helps. Dunno about the snow though

    Premier Icon steveh

    There’s a webcam looking over to snowdon on the bbc site somewhere (sorry not got time to find it and link) which will give you an idea of how much snow to expect.

    You need a map with you though. What happens if the worst happens and you need to call the emergency services? How will help them pin point your location?


    If the fog comes in you could be in trouble.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    WE’re going to have a crack at this in March as well. We’ve done the Llanberis Path up and down before. WHat do people think is the best way up/down?

    Premier Icon WEJ

    For the current weather conditions on Snowdon:


    Thanks for the info guys, much obliged.

    Being a cheapskate I’ll print off a screenshot from streetmap, should do the trick.

    Webcam looks all clear, can’t wait!

    Onzadog from speaking to people it’s all about llanberis up and rangers path down, supposedly super tech and pretty steep with not too many walkers to get in way. Llanberis path is supposed to be best save for dusk when most of the walkers have started to make their way back down.


    scott – speak to ben, we have maps of the area to borrow!


    if its foggy/cloudy its easy to miss the strat of the ranger path but well worth the ride. you can ride all the way to the halfway house not easy at the start tho.
    rode it 5 week ago -29deg windchill at the summit should of had me crampons on ha ha. descent was like the mega avalache tho CLASS!!

    As stated in a previous, you’re best taking a map, just in case. Its a big, high lump of rock which can ‘introduce’ itself to even the most experienced biker.
    Treat it with respect dude and be prepared, the weather can get ugly up there.
    Also be careful not to turn at the wrong standing stone. So as you leave the summit, its the standing stone on your left for the Rangers path.

    Have a safe one and don’t forget your camera!!

    more local knowledge on



    Scott check out the metoffice site

    Also earier today this was the latest report

    Report received on Friday 11th February 2011: No adverse ground conditions have been reported by National Park Wardens.

    If you dont mind i would like to tag along? I am local so i know the way 😉

    Premier Icon lowey

    Alternativy park up at Ranger Station, climb the zig zags to Telegraph Valley, blast down into llanberis, then up the tourist path to the summit, then hoon down the rangers back to the car. The bonus is that you can fly down the zig zags past Telegraph turning.

    Sublime day out.


    Long drive back to Pete’s eat.

    What time tomorrow? im guessing quite early about 10ish?


    Freezing level is due to be down to 750m so expect it to be icey

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