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    So hopefully next weekend will see me and a couple of mates attempting to ride snowdon. Ive never done anything like this before and despite being pretty unfit and having a large case of manflu at the moment im really looking forward to it.

    Im open to advice from folks that have done it before as to what to take. One thing in concerned about is its going to be cold and i cant cycle in trousers very well. Is there any alternative?

    I intend on layering up but im considering a ski jacket. Do you think this will be overkill?

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    It’s tropical in wales at the moment. You will be pushing a lot, so wear some shoes you can walk in.

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    its pretty mild in Llanberis at the moment, but thats no help to you!

    Take what you would normally go riding in the cold with plus a few extra tubes and some more food? I suppose it depends a bit on what path up and down you are taking. Llanberis path is pretty steady and well traveled other are not so much.

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    A good jacket is handy at the top especially if you are planning to hang around and take a few pics. On the way up you’ll be pretty warm as its hard work and on the way down you’ll lose height pretty quickly so not a big deal. At least have some extra layers in the pack. I much prefer riding in shorts. Football socks are good for keeping the lower legs warm. Can look at bit odd but it’s ok with 3/4 shorts.

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    Obvious statement is that it will depend on the weather ! It certainly can be very cold and windy and wet too. You have two sections to the ride as it where, the ride / push up and the descent. Would suggest a pack to allow you to take some layers on/off as required. IMHO a ski jacket will be a liability. A few layers and a windproof would be my suggestion. Depending on fitness a lot of the climb you could be walking so trousers may not be an issue.

    Have fun and post us a photo 🙂

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    Even walking up, you’ll generate enough heat so that you’ll soon be stripping off layers, I think the ski jacket will probably be overkill. Normal layering (wicking base, medium weight jersey, windproof/waterproof) a buff for the gaps round your neck never hurts.

    Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view (if there is one)

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    It’s usually much colder up top than the bottom. Sounds obvious but pack for the summit conditions, but in layers as stated.

    Lots of walking. Racey spud shoes not ideal, flat shoes good. One guy with us wore boots up and spud shoes down and said it was worth the hassle. 5 10s for me.

    It’s a big mountain, despite the train tracks making it feel very accessible. Pack lights if going in the afternoon.

    Rangers/Telegraph is a cracking descent, to me Llanberris would be a waste of a climb.

    Spares and any specific tools for your bike. Tubes, more than one and a decent pump so you aren’t hanging around.

    Expect there to be hundreds of walkers. Check if there is some kind of sponsored event on. Seems to be every time I’ve done it, hundreds of people in logo’d T shirts and not necessarily used to hiking so be aware. Llanberris path can be a motorway, hard if going against the flow.

    The top half harder than the bottom half.

    Even outside the ban you might get challenged by a grumpy walker. Know your facts but be polite.

    Check the thread title in your browser – 14 other threads offering more/same advice 😉 Just modify the number on the end of the URL in the browser and hit enter.

    Have fun!

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    One thing that no-one ever mentions is that there is a large stone monolith marking where the rangers path starts. There is one on the llanberis path and where that is cross over the railway and down to the right a bit and there’s another one at the top of the rangers path. If there is mist/fog down you won’t be able to see a thing so this will help you. When we went up it was foggy and we weren’t aware of this and ending up wasting loads of time trying to find where the path is.

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    Despite Snowdon having a train to the top, it’s still a proper mountain and should be regarded with respect.

    Do not judge the weather at the top from the weather in Llanberis. A kilometre up will give you entirely different temperatures.

    Give due regard to the mountain weather information service forecast.

    If its clear but windy, the wind chill can be pretty harsh.

    Last time I was up in May, it was crystal clear and warm out of the wind. On the steps at the top above the summit cafe, it took roughly three minutes for the feeling to start going in my hands, and half of the rangers path before they were comfortable again.

    Extra fleece and windproof for the top, base layer once you’ve started the ascent will probably be adequate due to the heat you’ll be kicking out.

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    You can check the summit weather outside Joe Browns in Llanberis before you head up.

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    Just to add about the weather…

    Did it in June and wore base layer and 2 jackets on top, one brushed/insulated shell and was chilly.
    Did it in October and wore a short sleeced base an a light packable pertex windbreaker.
    Wind chill can be massive.

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    we did it this time last year too. i just wore a baselayer with my altura mayhem jacket with shorts, knee pads and sealskin socks. it wasnt a nice day but i was never cold. good winter gloves and a snood helped too

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    I rode it on Sunday and dropped luck with the scorching temperatures and clear blue skys. I even managed to sunburn my face.
    [url=]Untitled[/url] by andysredmini, on Flickr

    [url=]Untitled[/url] by andysredmini, on Flickr

    But equally I have walked, climbed and ridden up there in some awful weather and as noted above it should be treated as a mountain and not an normal ride on a hill. One time we set off in clear blue skies and by the top you couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of you.

    [url=]DSC02324[/url] by andysredmini, on Flickr

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    WOW! many thanks guys

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    My favorite route is to start at Rangers Station, up Rangers; Down Rhyd Ddu; up Rangers to Telegraph; Telegraph to Llanberis track; up Llanberis; down Rangers.
    We did that route early October, it’s about 20 miles and 6400′ ascent in total. Start early!
    Like they’ve all said, don’t take a ski jacket!
    Take multiple layers including a wind/waterproof outer and treat it for what it is… a mountain, with typically unpredictable mountain weather, for which you must be equipped.

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    Walked up there yesterday in a short sleeved shirt and supposedly “wicking” 3 season pants and sweated like a bastard. It’s unseasonally warm at the mo.

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    Went up in April with minus six wind chill, I was comfortable with merino base and wind stopper softshell. Only bit that was really cold was my hands, because my gloves were wet! Take spare gloves and a spare buff, extra tubes, and whatever you’d normally take.

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    The forecast is for very windy (maybe too windy), wet and cold at the moment, but keep an eye on it in case it changes:

    Bear in mind that you could end up standing around for a long time if something goes wrong, so make sure you’ve got something warm, windproof and waterproof to put on (fleece + waterproof coat, say in addition to your riding gear, and maybe a pair of long trousers if you’re wearing shorts – Oh, and a woolly hat).

    Stuff that you shouldn’t need, but should have with you: A torch, even if you don’t think you’ll need it (it’s dark by 5pm), and make sure someone with you has a compass and a map. Yes, I’m old fasioned, and route finding is trivial *if* you know it, but people seem to set off in the wrong direction in poor visibility with depressing regularity, occasionally walking off the edge of cliffs (of which there are plenty). Save your phone batteries for emergencies.

    Enjoy! 🙂

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    All of the above. We started in Llanberis a couple of weeks ago in base layer/shorts, just before the cloud cover on the steps (Llanberis path) we put on fleece, waterproof, buff, winter gloves and were still freezing by the time we got to Rangers path.
    One thing no one has mentioned is make sure all is good with your bike, I could give plenty of examples of the mountain eating bikes and/or kit. My recent visit had a pinch flat and the bottomless tokens in my Pikes rattle loose. That was a good result overall!
    Have a great trip. It’ll take about 2 hours to walk up, take it steady and save energy for the fun bit.

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    Spare gloves. If you go up in cloud, the gloves you’re wearing will be wet and your hands will freeze on the way down.
    Spare tubes.
    A map and ability to use it. If the weather comes in, it’s easy to get disoriented.

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    plus 100 – map and compass (and know how to use them) and head torch.

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    Remember the tarmac from llanberris is the flat bit 😉
    We went up on 1st Oct and was so hot. People at the top walking around without shirts on. Was totally unbelievable. We did carry waterproofs as well, as said , be prepared for anything. Was totally amazing,the views

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    llanberis up. Ranger/telegraph down.
    Cold on top with the sweat.

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