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  • Snowden Rangers Path – help please
  • I’m planning a Snowden ride next April with some mates to celebrate a very special event.

    The only accommodation available for us on the date is at Rhyd-Ddu & looking at the map the nearest & shortest route to the top of Snowden from the bunkhouse is the Rangers Path.

    I was wondering having looked at the map whether it is possible to ride/push the bike up the Rangers Path to the top?
    Is it really steep & a chuffing nightmare all the way?
    Is it steep at the start & then easier further up?

    I’m looking for some local knowledge on the route please.

    The plan such as it is, is to get to the top of Snowden & then ride back down the Llanberis path.

    An alternative is to ride/drive round to Llanberis, up the path to Snowden then back down via the Rangers Path.

    Any assistance gratefully received.

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    Yeah, you want to do it the other way around. Up the Llanberis and down the Rangers. Much better.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Go up to Telegraph Valley – down there to Llanberis, up the path to the top then down rangers

    Although the Llanberis descent is ace if there’s no-one on the path. We did Llanberis up and down one weekday evening in September.

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    I agree, Telegraph, up Llanberis, then down Rangers.


    Rangers path all the way will be a nightmare, telegraph is sign posted ‘Llanberis’ so you can’t miss it. And you misspelt Snowdon.


    ^^^^^ that for sure.

    We started in Llanberis. Rode and pushed a little to the top, photo stop etc… Descended Ranger path and finished on Telegraph Alley.

    Great morning out and ticked the ridden Snowdon box.

    Rob Hilton

    Have pushed up the Rangers, it took longer than Llanberris & was fairly unenjoyable 🙂 Took about half an hour longer than Llanberris; none of it is as steep as the bit past the tunnel/bridge/whatever it is on Llanberris that really made my calves burn.

    Gives you a good look at what’s coming for the way down, so not a very bad idea & has nicer scenery than Llanberris, but is a bit more effort.

    Quite tempted by up rangers from the hostel, down telegraph, up Llanberris & down to the hostel for maximum descent the next time I do it.


    Rangers from the bottom to the Telegraph Valley turn off is very rideable. There’s a 5 min hike-a-bike over the saddle to the top of Telegraph Valley, then bomb down into Llanberis.

    Llanberis is mostly rideable, bar the bit up to Clogwyn Station. The top section is very weather dependent. Calm day, it’s very doable. If it’s windy, it’s a proper bastard.

    The full Rangers descent is ace 🙂

    Cheers for the replies guys & apologies for spelling Snowdon wrong 🙁

    So the best route is up the Rangers Path to ‘Telegraph’ Alley then down to Llanberis, up Llanberis path to the top & back down the Rangers Path – Superb.

    Just one question – I’ve got the OS Map but can’t see anything marked ‘Telegraph’ Alley??

    If we go up at Llwyn Onn station up the zig zag bw it comes to a cross roads, am I right in saying the ‘Telegraph’ alley is the bw off to the left at the crossroads?

    If not, can you point me i the right direction please.

    Thanks tmb467 & carlos that’s ideal guys 🙂 I’m looking forward to it already

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