Snoring 😴…. How to stop?

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  • Snoring 😴…. How to stop?
  • alpin

    The GF had a shitty night’s sleep because I was snoring all night. When she woke me up I was then aware of it as I was dosing off.

    This isn’t something that I’ve done much in the past.

    Are there any tricks to stop?


    Not smoking or drinking helps, as does sleeping on your side

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    Don’t drink. Don’t put on weight. I find (or rather wife finds and I know about it when I am kicked/punched/slapped/ generally abused) sleeping on my back is the worst. I instinctively sleep on my side in basically the recovery position now which is way better apparently.

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    Having tried pretty much everything, Mrs Binners has recently floated the idea of chopping my head off.

    I’ll let you know how it goes

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    Ear plugs.

    It’s the only way for fat married blokes to stay married.


    Avoid spicy food if you can (i can’t) it causes mucus and makes the problem worse. Lose weight if you are carrying a few extra pounds. Beer obviously makes it worse too, so basically the good things in life can make you snore.

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    Or always ensure your partner is as pissed as you, and maybe go easy on the chilli sauce on your donner kebab on the way home from the pub…

    Secret of successful relationship is getting pissed together

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    Ear plugs.

    … was going to be my answer also.

    If it’s really bad it might be worth a GP visit.



    For him or for her?


    A good mate is a, very physically fit and not overweight, ENT consultant – he snored, had an op and it stopped.

    I lost 10kg and my snoring stopped immediately.

    Do you think you could do with losing a bit of timber?


    Try not to get old.

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    Snoring Ring. Works.

    Lose weight, worked here.

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    I not only snore like a Fully-laden Hercules winding its engines up for a short take off, but get sleep apnoea (helloooooo laydeeeez)

    I saw a consultant and he said losing some timber wouldn’t go amiss, but if you snore, then you snore. I packed in smoking years ago and that made no difference whatsoever

    To stay both married and alive i’d like to thank industrial stength ear plugs

    Snored for years mate, lost 2 stone since start december, doesn’t happen any more. Something to do with us guys putting weight on round the neck .

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    What about women snoring? My Mrs has started snoring over the past 2-3 years, but now it’s getting nightly. Our answer is I wear ear plugs at the weekend, when I don’t have to be able to hear the alarm and she has one of those mouth guard type things from Boots, which cost £35 by the way ! For during the week.

    That partially works at times, but it’s far from gauranteed.

    Some nights it’s like sleeping next to a Thomas the tank engine.


    No issues last night.

    I’m not fat or overweight, but would still like to lose a few lbs.

    Will occasionally smoke a rollie at lunch.

    Think a mouth guard might be overkill….


    Separate bedrooms.


    Smother with pillow.


    Bad snorer here. My snoring actually got worse when I lost weight, but this was coincidental with me getting older.

    let me try and share some of my experience from seeing various ENT specialists over the years.

    (this might be total overkill for OP but someone else on the forum might benefit so here goes…..)

    Depending on where the snore originates from will depend on what will work for you.

    try a couple of simple tests like this :-

    pinch your nose and try and make a snoring sound. if you can then it indicates the snore is originating from the soft tissue at the back of the throat. if you can’t then it will indicate that the snore is happening in the nose area.

    now close your mouth shut and try and do the same exercise.

    Having done this you should now have one of 3 scenarios.

    1) snore comes from throat

    2) snore comes from nose

    3) snore comes no matter what you do (like mine)

    if its a nasal snore then breathing strips,  nose cannulas or sprays might work

    if its from your throat then a Mandibular Advancement Device might work. This is like a molded mouthguard which will bring your jaw forward a bit making a bit more space at the back of the throat. (as mentioned by Vortex)

    I recommend trying who do a range of guards for different prices. try their basic one to see if it works and then perhaps upgrade to a custom one (they offer refunds on the cost of the basic version if you later upgrade)

    For total snoring elimination you could try a C-PAP machine. although these are expensive and personally, I don’t really get on with them.  A company called ResMed make the one I have. these are available on the NHS, but the criteria for qualifying is quite high (ie you need to have sleep apnoea)  Binners- it might be worth visiting you GP again and going down this route if sleep apnoea is still a problem for you – im actually quite shocked that an ENT specialist shrugged off your sleep apnoea / snoring in the past.

    As others have said loosing alcohol and weight can help, but the above (particularly the M.A.D) might also help along the way.

    I have been advised by 2 top ENT specialists to avoid surgery as the procedure is extremely painful and has a low success rate. one specialist described the practice as ‘barbaric’ and after hearing details of the procedure, I have to agree!


    Mandibular Advancement Device might help. Something like this

    Other brands are available. This one worked for me when the snoring gave me apnoea.


    What about women snoring? My Mrs has started snoring over the past 2-3 years, but now it’s getting nightly.

    The answers are the same whether it’s a man or woman snoring.  Lose weight, avoid alcohol and ear plugs.  Oh and if you are the snorer don’t get in the huff if you partner is in a bad mood through lack of sleep or has to sleep in another room.


    I snore ..and was deemed to have sleep aponea.

    I went overnight to The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle where they hooked me up to a machine with wires attached to my body & a camera recording me sleeping I also had an oxygen mask ..only I didn’t get a wink as I couldnt move for the wires and was conscious of being filmed plus the machine feeding me the oxygen made a right racket ..!

    They sent me home with the oxygen mask / machine but I probably had the worst couple of nights sleep with that ever …

    I just resigned myself to the fact that I snore ..the missus now just tells me to move onto my side if I lie on my back ..which doesn’t happen very often now ..I kind of (subconsciously)  trained myself to respond ..and have got used to sleeping on my side ..

    Good luck OP..but in the short term expect some unexplained bruises to your legs !


    Weight and Alcohol as others have said but having your own room (or even house) can make life in general much more pleasant for both.

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    Losing weight, cut out booze n fags

    And specific exercises to strengthen thrust flappy muscle

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    ^^^karn has said most of what I would say.

    Again, this may be far more detailed than anyone really wants, but I’m posting in case it helps others.

    My snoring is now under control, but not eliminated. Things that worked:

    An app called SnoreLab records my snoring – I can tell from the recording what sort of snorer I am and this helped diagnose the likely solution. It also provides a measure of how bad snoring is by giving a nightly ‘snore score’, which I use to monitor how well things are going. It has some rudimentary ‘remedy and factor’ tracking, but for me it was much more complex.

    A mouth guard thing worked extremely well. For a week. After that it gradually lost any effect and just became a pain to wear

    I lost 10kg, and it virtually stopped. The link between my weight decreasing and my snore score dropping is extremely compelling. I have a graph 😉 There’s a definite tipping point at which I start to snore again – for me it’s at around 82kg which unfortunately makes me look like a Belsen victim 🙁

    A couple of other factors are really clear now i’ve tackled the underlying problem with weight:

    Hydration: I really have to concentrate on keeping hydrated, if I don’t reach my 2l-per-day of water or don’t hydrate properly after a ride then I snore

    Alcohol: I can have a big night out, no snoring. I can have a small amount of drink, no snoring. But if I have a drink (no matter how much) for more then 3 nights on the trot then the unsilenced Diesel engine reappears – the more consecutive nights I drink the worse it gets. If I were to drink every night for a week, it would take 3 days of not drinking to clear down after.

    These conclusions have been the result of around 2 years worth of investigations and messing about – pillows, avoiding dairy, nose things, clips, bungs, etc etc. I hope it helps someone out there.


    Good post from karn up there ^^^^

    Currently awaiting results from my sleep apnea test. A friend has had good results with the jaw device thingy, gone from stopping breathing 36 times an hour (!) to once, apparently.

    Edit: and BlobOnAStick

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    Some nights it’s like sleeping next to a Thomas the tank engine.

    Poke her in the buffers.


    My wife snores like an asthmatic Darth Vader , i wear ear plugs, if do hear her I just batter her with the pillow and she normally stops.

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