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  • crikey

    Had some of these:

    and some of these:

    and some of these:

    Ive got some of these. A real upgrade from my old Clarkes

    Premier Icon ssboggy

    Yey Nike Poohbahs, my first set of spd shoes 🙂

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Hey! That’s my pair of Answers in the photo. Still for sale, by the way. 🙂

    Vinny, if they were in the blue and in better condition, I’d bite yer arm off for them! 😉


    I can’t find any pics of the shoes I wore, I’m more retro than the lot of you 😀


    Is it good or sad or both that until a month ago, I was riding in Answer Flatfoots? Now in DZR GMT-8s

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    In the pre spd days I always wanted Air Mowabs, but couldn’t afford them..


    Had to make do with some Air Escapes. And Powerstraps. What was I thinking.

    No pics of my fave flat pedal shoe from back in the day online. Scott Tacos. In fact, I can only find this partial shot of them;


    I had some Poobahs they were brilliant

    Axo. Pony. AWESOME!

    Also AWESOME!

    Nike Poobahs

    Much awesome. Answer Flatfoots

    NOT AWESOME! What were you thinking, Shimano?

    So, what bike shoes have you known and loved/coveted?


    mrscarlos has a pair of Nike Nguba’s

    and a pair of Poobah’s

    she thinks they’re the comfiest shoes ever.
    my fav’s are my vans Exacerbate’s


    Not bike shoes per se (lovin the Poohbahs) but I wandered around Banff for a year in the nineties kitted in these** – up plenty of the local mountains and out on the bike in them too. Happy days

    ** Except when it was snowing then it was these (da bizniz)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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