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  • Snapped Achilles & snowboarding?
  • in 2009 i snapped my Achilles tendon; all stitched up and works pretty good now.

    Any medical types have any thoughts on whether it is safe to learn to snowboard after this type of injury???

    Thanks in adavnce

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    I’m not a doctor but……

    My bro in law snapped his achilles a few years ago. Had a couple of op’s to sort it out. He had to miss season of snowboarding but still does it now. And he’s still better than me, the bastard!!


    Not a medical type, but ruptured a few years back.

    Earlier than yours but I wouldn’t hesitate to go boarding, won’t the boots offer a degree of protection?

    I did mine in 2004 and had the repair op. was riding within a year and after 3 years would have no hesitation in skiing ( or boarding). Does it give you any bother? The risk of re-rupture reduces over time, I would hoe your healed now
    Edit must point out I’m not a medic type!


    Try it, what’s the worst that can happen?


    I’m not a medical type but I do know that learning to snowboard could cost you dearly.

    boots shouldnt allow heel lift anyway, and if they do, it’ll hurt your achilles.

    make sure boots fit tight and you’ll not use your achilles anyway, although it will flex a bit naturally.

    I snapped my Achilles! Took about 6 months to fully recover. Had to knock skateboarding on the head for about 10 months…. Back riding all sorts of boards now.

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    Make sure your fit and do some flexibility excersizes. Do you have a “wobble board ” cheap and good for ankle strength and flexibility, easy to do at home.

    I ruptured mine 2.5yrs ago. As long as you stretch properly you should be ok.
    The specialist told me that the Achilles is actually stronger after recuperation from a rupture injury.


    I found it too uncomfortable to board after rupturing mine and having a surgical repair. The top of the boot pressed into the top of the scar when I turned onto my heel edge. In fairness I was in hire boots so there was probably a boot out there that wouldn’t have finished just where there was some scar tissue. I do remember finding it hard to hold a toe edge for prolonged periods though.
    Fortunately it gives me absolutely no trouble skiing and I was always a better skiier than a boarder!

    hey guys thanks for the info, i think i’m gonna give it go, life’s too short!


    My repaired tendon is far thicker than my ‘normal’ one, not as bad as it was, the scar tissue took a while to break down.

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