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  • Premier Icon nickc

    WEB for the price, convenience, and the stock.

    LBS for browsing the sales bin, fondling of shiny bits I can’t afford, shooting the breeze, and the jobs I don’t have time for/can’t be arsed with.


    Bit of both. Small things and complicated (to me) spannering – LBS. Clothes, tools, things that are so cheap I HAVE to buy – WEB.


    Web everytime.
    I’ve got better things to do with my free time than drive into town to get something I could have delivered to my door.
    I might buy the odd thing if I’m up in the lakes or somewhere and see a bargain, but I don’t bother with the local shop.

    Premier Icon senor j

    will buy sale items from web tho’.

    Used to use LBS but they’re very expensive so now use online. An example of the was I recently bought an Ultegra chain so searched online for prices. I got it from CRC for £20. My LBS was in the search priced at £34.99 so no brainer really.


    Web mostly, but mainly due to the old “we can order it in for you”.
    My LBS’ need to target more impulse buys, clothing, gloves, tyres etc away from the standard Altura/Endura/Royal. They do get sales out of me, and my bikes go in for anything I don’t have the time to do.


    I’m pretty much all web. Down to choice and speed.

    I don’t really have an LBS, so getting to one is a pain especially with work etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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