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  • Smith Engage Helmet Review: High-End Protection At A Low Cost?
  • singletrackross
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    Smith bolsters its helmet range with the Smith Engage, a price-conscious helmet with high-end features and protection. The Smith Engage, by eyewear an …

    By singletrackross

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    Smith Engage Review: High-End Protection At A Low Cost?

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    Good review and nice helmet, very similar to my Bell 4Forty. Like the pricing bit of the review, you don’t always have to pay the RRP. Nice one @Ross Demain

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    What’s the max size for those of us with over-sized skulls?

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    I’d say I’ve got more of an oval, rather than round head

    The shape didn’t work for my round head. I’m 1cm below the max for my size, and the helmet was tight on the sides of my head but didn’t touch my forehead.

    The shell sits reasonably low over the ears

    Maybe another head shape thing, but it also sat pretty low on my forehead. Fine for my glasses but very close, might not help with keeping them from steaming up.

    Looks great

    I agree, but I felt the light grey foam that’s visible in the vents cheapens the look of the white one. The orange one has black.

    Well priced for MIPS

    The MIPS system felt cheap and minimal compared to others, but maybe it works just as well.

    What’s the max size for those of us with over-sized skulls?

    Says 65cm in this review 🙂

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    It does, though in my defence it was read in A&E while undergoing blood tests and ECG’s (3). I wasn’t really concentrating just being distracted.

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    I’ve got a Smith lid. I think it’s the Forefront but can’t remember.

    It’s great except, where the cradle, cradles your head, the shape of it is kind of like two angled bits, a little like arrows, which you can see on the lid above left and right of the cinch dial.

    I find, having little hair on the back of my head, that those tend to dig into your neck a bit which is uncomfortable, despite having it in the highest position as per the tester here.

    Might be worth considering if you’ve got very short/no hair.
    It felt ok when I tried it on in the shop which you should always do, but since riding with it I’ve found it a bit uncomfortable.

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    I’m finding the “cheap at £95” statement a bit odd!!

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