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  • Smart Tires: Tyres From Space Coming Your Way Soon?
  • stwhannah
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    At an unassuming looking booth at Sea Otter there was some mega science going down. You’ll have to take my word for it, but the hollow rod of this Nit …

    By stwhannah

    Get the full story here:

    Smart Tires: Tyres From Space Coming Your Way Soon?

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    This is very interesting!

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    this is interesting. Was there any word on rim protection?

    I’ve enjoyed your coverage of sea otter. Thanks for bringing us your own take.

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    @LAT nothing about rim protection, but I guess if you get your base psi right it shouldn’t be an issue? TBH I can’t see it making the MTB race circuit where small psi adjustments are needed, but perhaps for hire fleets or cargo bikes where it’s just important to not have a flat it could be really useful?

    Glad you enjoyed my ramblings!

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    Doubt this well ever be a common thing. Massively complex manufacturing process for how much gain?

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    Soon? Really? I’ve been seeing articles about these for years. Here you go, 2021 without trying. I’m not holding my breath.

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    Mind blown. I hope this develops enough to see to see if tyres a really feasible.

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    Here’s a video on the space version!

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    So it’s hollow but with no air pressure inside. Would it be at risk of getting punctured and slowly filling up with water?

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    Just seen this now, love this kind of tech & innovation, looks great but a few questions:


    Firstly: How much? They might last forever but I’ll put up with tubes/sealant if they’re £500 each. All bicycles, scooters, cars, eh… hope the price of titanium comes down soon.


    They heat and cool when bent – will that deteriorate the tyre material? It’ll happen a lot and fast while a bike tyre’s rotating (much faster than on a Mars/moon rover, which go slowly in cold temperatures).


    Can the heating effect be harnessed for other applications? I assume not, but it would be interesting to look at.


    He never really answered how they shape it. If you bend it, the molecules rearrange and it stays that way… or because they rearrange instead of stretching, it returns to its original shape? *confused*




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