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  • Smallest & Bestest multitool
  • mildred

    What can people recommend for a small well made cycle specific multitool? Must include a chaining tool.

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    I have a Lezyne one and it’s very nice. Comes with a cover to stop it rattling and to protect it.

    They do severakl so which one specifically will depend on how multi you want your tool

    Premier Icon oliverracing

    topeak hexus 11.

    thread closed

    Premier Icon iainc

    ^^^^ ditto, standard answer is Hexus, which also handily has tyre levers. I have 3 of them 🙂

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I quite like crank bros 19, I’ve even bought a second one for road use (other is permanently buried in bottom of my commuter pack). Usual stuff plus chain tool and spoke key (haven’t used chain tool, have used spoke key) Have only tried a couple of others for comparison.
    Only thing is don’t leave it wet, it can rust a bit.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hexus. Not the best made imo but the best designed. Pocket Rocket is nifty too but I’d lose the bits.


    Mini 22+ has more and weighs less than a hexus

    Premier Icon tomd

    I have a Topeak Mini 18 and a Hexus (lost the 18 for a while). I much prefer the 18, it’s compact does everything I’ve needed and the chain tool is actually good. The Hexus is OK but I don’t like that the 5mm Allen key has a removable bit, as that is the one I most often use.


    Park Cool Tool, mine is coming up for it’s 25th birthday and I still get a warm feeling inside everytime I use it.

    If someone were to buy me a fathers day/birthday/christmas present, I would be seriously happy if they bought me one of these Lezyne multi-tools, I’ve been very impressed with the pump & lights I’ve had from them in recent years.


    haven’t used chain tool

    works well enough that it is the only chain tool I have


    +1 for the Topeak mini 18, its a lovely bit of kit.


    Thanks for the suggestions – got somewhere to start looking now.

    I’m liking the look of the crank brothers mini 17. Gets very got reviews everywhere, despite a lot of people acknowledging Crank Bros general crappyness.

    I also like the look of the Topeak mini pro 20; has all the same stuff as the crank bros tool but also has a 10mm Allen key, which should fit my crank (though it looks a bit short for that).

    Does anyone have experience of either?

    Hexus is certainly excellent.
    As is a little one of these;

    and this

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