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  • smaller than recommended seatpost….?
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    mate has 26.8 post he wants touse in 27.2 seat tube the clamp holds. will it hold out or should he scrap the idea and stump up the cash for the correct size?


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    If he really must do it he needs to shim with something really thin, like a coke can.

    It’s not a good idea though.

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    Considering my 27.2 Thomson slips a little in a frame designed for a 27.2mm post, no!

    I’ve seen a 27.0 used at a push in a frame designed for a 27.2 post, the seatclamp had to be tightened loads, and it still slipped a bit. A 26.8 post will have no chance of staying where it’s supposed to!

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    Theres a good chance you’ll end up damaging the frame over time too. For the sake of the frame get a new seatpost. Have a look on the clasifieds, theres usually plenty of 27.2mm seatposts for sale on there.

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    i think merlin were doing a good deal on thomson 27.2 and 31.6 posts yesterday…

    here we are:

    splash out 🙂

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    Agreed – it is definately a stupid idea you mate has. Get the right size or it will cost more in the long run. No question. This because he WILL damage the frame.

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