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  • Small Portable washer for cleaning bike?
  • why has nobody done this yet? or have they and im just blind?

    i know you can get mobiwasher (i have one) or dirtworker etc, but they are bloody great huge things with minimum 15litres tank

    why has nobody made a nice portable one which will hold say 5 litres making it much easier to stick in ye car etc?

    id buy one, i like the mobi washer at home, but the size of it takes upto much space in my car and 15litres is way more than needed for 1 bike clean down

    is there anything out there like this? a small power washer for a different sport etc?


    How small do you want? I find the Mobi v-15 perfect to put in the boot of my car (an estate, so loads of space anyway). Any smaller and I’m not sure it’d hold enough water to give a couple of bikes a good clean down after a muddy ride.

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    My Brand-X pressure washer takes up about as much space as a bag of shopping. Hardly massive.

    thats just it – i dont have an estate and what with wheels, clothes etc etc etc there just isnt space, i dont need 15 litres to wash one bike, i need a max of 3-5 to hose the thick off….my mobi washer 15 is pretty big and heft and thats with just minimal water in…

    is there a garden type one you can get, a pump type one or something similar that may have enough pressure in it?


    I have used one – its fine. You need to use a brush as well but it works – wet= bike down, brush it to loosen dirt, rinse off and its clean.

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    Is it something like this you want?

    don’t know how they will compare size wise but i guess they will be a little smaller


    As TJ says, the garden spraying things work great. Rinse, wash and brush, rinse again. One of the smaller 8 litre ones worked great for two bikes for me for years. It doesn;t get them perfectly clean but good enough to load back into the car without messing it up.


    Yep, bought a £30 garden weed sprayer thing a couple of years ago. Works on a hand pump.

    Take it with me when going on a day out the will likely be muddy and no other washing option. Brilliant for getting the worst off / sorting a bike for day 2 of a weekend.

    One of the best buys of recent years.

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    I use a Nomad which is similar to a mobi washer I think.

    Doesn’t seem too big for me – will fit behind a seat in back of the car and isn’t that big in the boot.

    It’s got a decent battery life and a decent adjustable spray. 5l wouldn’t be enough for me I don’t think and I wouldn’t see the point in buying another smaller one.


    Good review of washers in What Mountain Bike this be honest the v17 mobi washer never got a good review which I have to agree with,it leaks, battery stopped charging and connections have all been replaced after snapping and Ive only had it just over a year :(, Nomad came out on top but at a price £199 😯


    They have, about £10…

    Five litres is enough to rinse down three bikes.

    EDIT: you can squeeze 6L in the tank. Try one, you’ll be surprised. I rinse off Swinley detritus without any problems

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    I’ve got a 5 ltr Hozelock pump up jobby too, works pretty well for a pennies outlay

    thats just it – i dont have an estate…

    There’s your problem. Buy an estate.


    I’ve had a cheap garden pressure pump for a while and it’s ok-ish, but its a bit pain in the butt after a 5 hour ride in the cold and mud, and it won’t shift stubborn mud, my bike is now muddy in the garage whilst I contemplate buying a decent pressure washer.


    I’ve got a 5ltr Hozelock pump that I tried to use. It wasn’t able to shift sticky mud but worked well on loose stuff. Personally it wasn’t up to the job, as I wanted the sticky stuff gone..

    MobiWasher is only £70 on Wiggle, just bought one today!

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