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  • Small mudguard for Fox 36
  • jsync
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    I’m after a small mudguard for a Fox 36 2018. I’ve seen this but it’s 2021 onwards so doesn’t fit.


    Ideally one that doesn’t use cable ties would be great as my fork has the screw holes in the brace like the ones linked above but not the air equaliser thingys they put on from 2021. What’s everyone using? Anything similar?


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    I’ve got a couple of these for 36’s of around that vintage.

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    Syncros do one specific to the older 36s

    Can be had in black or orange

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    The syncros one is really good. Strong, bolts straight on, doesn’t look like a 1970s trials motorbike fender.

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    I have two. The Syncros already mentioned is very small but good or RRP’s bolt on for something a little bigger or a lot bigger (two sizes available)

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    Discrete cough, I have one (off 34 boost, black)that I don’t use, it looks very nice but the rrp large actually stops the mud.

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    I’ve got the synchros one, it doesn’t look too bad but it’s just dead weight, as a mudguard it is a waste of time.

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    I dont really see the point in small mudguards. Fit something that works or don’t bother.

    RRP max here all year round on the front…

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    As above..
    Get a proper one (rrp) or don’t bother!


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    Thanks guys, that gives me a couple of options. I already have a dfender which works very well but just wanted something smaller for everyday. The synchros is the size that I’m after as I can swap it when biblical. Obviously the smaller it is the less it does!

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    For my 36 l I use an bolt on RRP mini during the nicer months to keep the little stones and splashes out of my face,does a decent job.

    When it’s truly wet and sloppy, I use a crud catcher XL, easy to put on and remove via the bands, and does a solid job.

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    I have the ‘long’ fox mudguard on my 36’s, its not particularly big but the front bit helps with splashes.
    I also don’t have the vents which makes it easier to fit.

    Buy the mudguard,
    then using an allen key unscrew the vent covers,
    remove the plastic spacer/ring,
    push vent covers through holes in mudguard,
    insert vent covers without spacer/ring back in hole,
    then insert the bolts to the back of the cross brace,

    took about 2minutes, and is super secure.

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