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  • small loss of travel on revelations
  • SlowJohn
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    When my revelations are wound out to 140mm they dont seem to quite get the whole 140mm of travel back. Its only about 5mm out but it is annoying, the only way i noticed was the fact that where it tells you on the stanchion how much travel you have you cant quite see the 140mm writing is this normal? They are fairly new do they need a bit more running in? cheers

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    If they are air sprung then you probably have a little too much pressure in the negative spring chamber. Let a bit out and you should see full extension again.

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    negative air reduces travel a small amount.
    take out the neg air and youll get it back, but at the cost of small bump compliance.

    ive given up being bothered by it, but yep, i did feel cheated for a while…

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    I have noticed this with my 130s. I agree that neg air reduces travel a little, but mine are only 125mm from seal to crown with nothing at all in the negative chamber. I reckon they bottom out at about 120mm.

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    ok heers will give that a go

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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