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  • Small-ish hydration system?
  • dannyh

    I’m just casting around for some opinions on this.

    I am after a 1.5 or two litre hydration pack with space for a Multi tool, pump, spare tube, a few patches and a phone.

    Just wondering whether I’d be better off with the Osprey Viper 5 or the camelbak classic two litre. I used to have a 1.5 litre hydrabak until I split the bladder trying to stuff too much in. I’d like something just a bit bigger for shorter regular rides. I’ve got a 3 litre wingnut pack for longer days out. I’m also using this for regular shorter rides, but it is a bit much just for dashing out for a couple of hours.

    Any other suggestions would also be gratefully accepted.


    Decathon packs are good value, and pretty hard-wearing.
    This one for £17… 5l trail backpack
    And this one for £25 (the one I have)…. 10l raid backpack

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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