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  • cynic-al
    Member may help, but I suspect and large volume tyre will have a height matching its width so folk can benefit from the width (lower pressures) without getting pinch flats.


    I’m hitting bigger things faster these days, and while my Hans Dampfs 2.35’s fit width-wise on my Cannondale Rize they’re actually rubbing the seat tube on big compressions.

    I’m running the biggest volume reducer in my CTD, and I’ve even shimmed down the stroke to compensate – but bar running silly-high shock pressures the only remaining thing to do is reduce the tyre size. 😥

    I’ve tried a HR2 2.3 but it’s not really enough smaller in height than the HD. It’s a good bit narrower – 4mm – but only about 2mm less in terms of rolling radius. (30mm Light Carbon rims, tyres at about 27psi)

    Ideally I want a tyre that is about the same width as the HR2, has a similar thread pattern (i.e. open, rolls well) but is less tall by about another 2mm.

    Any suggestions?


    That’s just bad frame design really isn’t it.

    There should be enough tolerance to cope with the tallest tyres available and room to spare (to cope with even bigger ones in the future)

    I would moan to Cannondale – probably wont get you anywhere though?

    My suggestions……
    offset bushes maybe??????
    Travel reducers (don’t know if you can get em for the CTD????)
    New shock with shorter stroke but same I2I length

    None of these are ideal though


    Thanks for that cynic-al, I hadn’t seen that site before. Seems a bit out of date however.

    From the research I have done it would appear that Continentals might be quite low, height wise… anyone any experience of how a Baron 2.3 stacks up against a HR2?

    @ndthornton: frame is from 2009, tyres were smaller back then for sure! Using offset bushes to fix it will steepen the head tube angle.

    Found another site (in German) that has some detail on these types of things:


    What about running wider rims? Surely that should reduce the ‘height’ of the tyre while still keeping them fat

    Have a look on reifenbreiten, lots of germanically precise measurements!

    Can you add a bump stop to the shock innards?


    Wider rims don’t make as much difference as you might imagine: the circumference of the tyre – and therefore the “height” – is mostly down to how it’s made. Wide rims help stability for sure. In any case mine aren’t exactly narrow (same as Flows).

    That german site is amazing. I think I’m going to try a Baron 2.3, seems nicely wide for it’s height, supposedly roll well enough too.

    Shock is shimmed down to about 52/53mm (from 57) for about 140mm travel right now. I’m trying to find a balance between travel and tyre size. If the Baron still rubs I’ll shim it more.

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