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  • nickf

    I just got the very last 14" Summer Season 456 for my son, who thinks it's ace, if a bit orange.

    Ask them, they may have one more knocking around the warehouse.


    Do they have any Scandals in stock? He will love the wieght saving over a 456 and they still run 120mm forks quite happily, and I have never seen a broken one.

    Is he quite light? rekon there are quite a few XC frames he could overfork a bit, it would be loads lighter for him to play about on, and still plenty tough enough.

    If not just a std Inbred frame will make a great play bike, seen a few built up for jumping on here, again theyre strong enough…

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    Just built up a 13" spec rockhopper pro for my 9 year old. He loves it.

    Got the frame here – haggled a bit – £80 or so delivered.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Brand X frames from CRC for £90? They do some dirt jumper ones too, that might suit better?


    My sons finally getting into riding and i'm looking for a suitable frame.

    Currently he's borrowing my 16" 456 but its a little too large for him to chuck it about, a 14" 456 or SS would be ideal but currently all are out of stock.

    What other frames similar to the On-one in specs and price would be a suitable alternative, eiter new or s/h


    I know for a brand new 456 summer season in pale yellow you could have for £135 mail me if youre interested.:)


    Have a look at all terrain cycles at there handsome dog xc03 frames , … crap name , but when my lad was growing up , the 14" was perfectly good enough for and only £60 !!


    dropoff is your frame a 14" or a 16"?

    crickey he must be tall if he's borrowing your 16 inch…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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