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  • Small claims court advise please.
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    Looks like I will be pursuing a certain Nottingham based jewellry shop through the small claims court under the sales of goods act.
    Fairly familiar with consumer rights, but have not idea when going to court what extra costs (time prepping the case, travel etc) is fair to claim for.
    Any advice, general or specific welcome.

    I dont own any Bombers, so that route isnt an option.


    Have you looked into small claims online service?
    We are currently going through the process after a dog attacked and killed our cat.
    Seems very easy and only cost about £60 I think.
    There is a limit to the value of the claim though.


    I’ve been a once, had two other companies pay up before going.

    I only really claimed for my time once, with Vodafone, as I’d spent ages and ages repeatedly phoning them up trying to get a refund sent. I just listed the times and dates i’d phoned and asked for 100 quid which they agreed to.

    Other costs like travel i just claimed for with receipts etc.

    MY landlady tried to claim costs of mowing the lawn and stuff when i had a disagreement with her, but had no receipts or evidence so the judge just threw her claims out.

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    I am in court next week to try and get our old tenant to pay up. Sadly, he seems to know how to perfectly play the (Scottish) system. Lets hope the Sheriff can see through the bullsh*t.
    The initial cost was not a lot, forms relatively simple, and the court even sent them back once telling us to re-phase a couple of lines to improve them. All good.
    Then they spent a few weeks getting royal mail to (unsuccessfully) find the runt.
    So the Sheriff’s men at arms found him, and charged us a good few hundred quid…but if it goes our way, that is added to the overall bill for the loser.
    Will let you know how next weeks hearing / bargaining goes.

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    Thanks for the ideas. I like the thought of just adding a reasonable £100 or so for numerous calls, trips time etc. realistic.

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    Wish it had been possible to sort out of court, but crap company meets stubborn yorkshireman….


    Worth a try chb but lost time is generally tough to claim for – its not a pecuniary loss.

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    Don’t forget you need to send a letter before court action first, otherwise you’re case is weakened considerably. It’s all outlined online, I’ve used a template before and got my money back the day I was to issue summons…

    Letter before court action against by brf, on Flickr

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