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  • SLX jockey wheels….
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    Just got a new SLX derailleur.. seems that it runs on just bushings, should i lube with grease? … or is it possible to install bearings or should i get some aftermarket ?


    Premier Icon fossy
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    They run fine on bushings, just grease them.

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    Never bothered lubing mine and they were fine until the bottom one turned into a ninja death star through wear.

    Premier Icon jonba
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    I prefer bushings to bearings off road. No issue with the corroding.

    I put a drop of oil in every now and again.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus
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    Bushings are better than bearings for that application. You need teeny tiny bearings in a place that’s constantly sprayed with muddy water.

    When new, bearings might be slightly less drag, so fine on XTR if racing and every watt counts, otherwise stick to what you’ve got.

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    I’m going to disagree there- I think it depends on local mud and how you clean.

    I used to use jockey wheels with bushings for the reasons above but found the bushing was wearing out long before the teeth, which played merry hell with the shifting. OH’s 12s slx had dodgy shifting long before the teeth were well worn.

    Bearings can seize, but since I’ve started popping the seals off when new and repacking with waterproof grease they usually keep going until they’re in full on ninja star territory.

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    Was impressed to see the BBB roller boys jockey wheels I just bought for my SRAM mech come with NSK bearings

    seem to be a lot of diffent things sold under that name though, with different teeth profiles and some made to fit, some with a load of bushing options.

    Premier Icon mudeverywhere
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    I grease them. Usually find bushing jockey wheels develop play whereas bearings keep going well after the teeth have worn out. Recently had to get SLX as couldn’t find XT ones so will see how they get on.

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    I replaced some deore jockey wheels with Tacx ones, and the following ride or so I managed to push the chain over the biggest sprocket. The Tacx ones don’t have the lateral float that Shimano ones do, so if you use them to need to re-adjust the mech limits.

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