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  • timb34

    If you mean 2013 SLX then there’s a 3×10 group here ( for 295€, without brakes. (they have the 2012 version for 279€ too)

    If you’re after 2×10 2013 SLX then I haven’t seen anyone offering full groupsets yet, but I’d be very interested if anyone else has.

    Edit: actually Merlin now have group plus brakes for 495€

    Anyone know if anywhere is doing decent deals on these at the moment? Preferably with brakes, but no biggie if not.

    Cheers, was the 2013 3×10 I was looking for. Looks a good deal, time to go and count up my pennies. 🙂


    The new SLX cranks look sweet as a nut.


    I’d agree about the look of the new cranks – they are lovely…..

    Trouble is with is that they charge 14.95€ delivery, bringing the total to 309.95€ (approx £250 at today’s exchange rate)

    I’ve got a trade account with Bike Discount and can get the same deal but with a shadow plus rear mech (M675 clutched one) instead of the normal shadow rear mech (M670) shipped to you for £240.

    If you are interested, send me an email –

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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