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  • SLX brakes worth the extra over Deore?
  • bone_idle

    In a word yes, if you buy the deore you will wish you paid the extra and got the SLX.


    Yes.The tool free adjustable reach and other adjustments on SLX are useful and worth the extra if you are getting them from Rose but the CRC price difference seems a bit steep.

    Hello all. I’m speccing up a new bike and if I go down one road it’ll come with Deore brakes that I can upgrade to SLX for a bit more cash. Would it be worth it? Seem to remember people liking the current Deore but SLX get very good reviews also. 😕


    I’ve got deore an never needed to adjust after first setup. And haven’t found myself wishing I’d spent more an got slx

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    Me and my riding buddy have both, no noticable difference in performance so depending on the price difference I would be tempted with Deore, outstanding performance for the price.


    Hmm tricky one and the answer depends on whether you prefer to look at your bike or ride it.

    Functionally there’s no difference and although the SLX adjusters are nice, like electric mirrors once you’ve got them right younnever need to touch them again. The levers are otherwise identical . Biggest difference is in the calipers the Deore calipers look as though they’re made out of Lego whereas the Slx calipers look more refined. Again while you’re riding there’s no difference in performance.

    Hard to ignore a set of Deores for £90

    Thanks for the replies. Probably go for the SLX as I’ll probably wish I had if I didn’t as was mentioned. Price difference is £60.


    Next time you buy something for your bike, give me a call and I’ll come round with a marker pen and write ‘Pro’ on it (All for the paltry fee of £60, of course)



    I got SLX last year when the Deore’s still used the old version caliper. If I was to buy again today I’d definitely go Deore as less levers and switches = less things to go wrong in my book (as well as less tears if something does break).


    Deores all the way!! I think the SLX look a bit blingy. Performance wise Deores are great. Levers have reach adjust, it just needs an Allen Key, which looks better than the big knob for SLX tool-free adjust.

    I’ve never wished I had SLX. I just bought a new groupset, and I was going to get SLX brake set and sell on the brakes on, and keep my Deores.

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