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  • Slim fit, good value cycle clothing.
  • kudos100

    What are some good brands that are decent quality, have a good cut (not baggy round the middle) and are good value?

    I find the ProFit range by Sportful very good value, although its noramlly not that cheap, depends how you define good value really.

    185 and 73kg, so tall and slim.

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    I find Pearl Izumi works for me and i’m similar size to The Swedish Chef.


    <whispers> Rapha </whispers>


    dhb from Wiggle.

    ….and their ladies’ swimsuit model is quite easy on the eye too.

    Rapha is good call, excellent for fit, and is also good value when its on sale, however….


    Perhaps I should have said good quality and a low(ish) price rather than value.

    Just checking out the DHB range now………. 😉


    For Road is a good fit and quality. They have stuff on sale which can be good value.

    Also Lusso is close fitting and more towards DHB prices but better quality.

    For MB

    I’ve got a Repack Berino jersey which a very good fit.
    Royal MW365 shorts which were £45 and are a nice close fit on my chicken legs.

    I’m 5’9″ and 63.5kg BTW.


    Zero RH+ and Pearl Izumi (pro fit) are my non-club wear, normally bought in the sale. But not the cheapest. I don’t think the cheaper brands really cater for what is termed a “race fit”. I’m 5’11 and 69 kilos. I wear small or medium, but getting smaller.


    really depends on your idea of good value, I have a 10 year old Assos Jacket, it was expensive but has lasted…

    Anyway, I find Castelli, Sportful, Giordana and Assos ok for fit. 6′ 69kgs if that gives an idea of build.

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    I like DHB shorts and if anything it’s worth spending a shade more on shorts IMO.
    VFM wise:

    Decathlon tops (I got quite a good LS base layer from there apparently for skiing but excellent for commuting), their cheap Bib shorts are OK for summer or for use as undershorts , Aldi/Lidl “special buys” now and again (winter gloves and “Commuter socks” are good), a couple of bits from PX/OO…

    Best advice is to shop about a bit, don’t just go straight for bike shops or bike specific clothing brands…

    All IMO of course..

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    mavic stuff comes up quite tall and slim (the opposite of me!) often on sale at crc

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    Howies new stuff is quite nice. Hoping they’ll put some of it in the jan sales

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    Sportful stuff on offer at Halfords?


    Another vote for Rapha, expensive but good value in the long run. I’m still using a top I bought in 2005, and it still looks in good condition. Its been worn at least once a week.


    70kg and 6ft pole here. Mavic is great for me. Bit hit and miss with sizing on all clothes for me as I have small, medium and large that fit like a glove! Ground effect are also fantastic for off road, not too spendy either.

    Generally id agree dhb but ive recently had bad experience with their shorts. The pads are very thin (particularly at the front) and the lycra goes see through very quickly (less than 10 wears / washes)

    Decathlon is decent value

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    jam bo – Member

    Howies new stuff is quite nice. Hoping they’ll put some of it in the jan sales

    shame it’s cut for short-armed fatties…

    i’m 6’2″, 12st, with long arms. Gore ‘medium’ fits well.

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    I’ve been called many things but that’s a first…. 😕


    Another shout for Pearl Izumi. Some bargains out there if you look around.


    For road I do like Castelli clothing. Their Gabba jacket is an excellent piece of kit.

    Have to agree on the DHB shorts i’ve a couple of pairs bought this year and they’re already looking very tired. Whereas my Castelli ones still look box fresh plus the pad is better, but they are more expensive.

    Do they make slim fitting mtb clothes.


    Santini is rather good, proper ‘italian mountain climber’ fit. 178cm and 57kg for reference. Have a look on prendas, much cheaper on there.


    Oooh, I like that Prendas site. Smart!

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