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  • (Slightly Complex) Excel workbook –> Phone/tablet
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    I have a small workbook that uses VLOOKUP and Data Validation Lists. In both instances the ‘data’ is on a seperate worksheet of the workbook. The concept is add/modify data on the front page and the vlookup will reference a few charts and return three diffrent results. The data validation lists are there to try and prevent typos causing issues

    I e-mailed it to my machne at home and it does not work. I think it is something to do with the data being on another worksheet

    One option is therefore to try to use the workbook on an iphone or an Android tablet, which would have other advantages (portability),but this seems to be a non starter, on android and IOS it seems to be read only 🙁

    The whole project is for my son, but is a proof of concept for a small utility for a sales team. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to migrate a phone or tablet? Is it just a case of buying a better spreadsheet package? If so, is there one that you use that supports VLOOKUP’s with data on a separate worksheet in the same workbook?


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