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  • Sleuths: comfortable for all day wear?
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    I’ve never owned a pair, but I’ve just seen “adidas Five Ten Men’s Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoes” at Go Outdoors for £50, which seems decent.

    I’d like shoes that I can wear to cycle to work – about 8km – then wear all day. I’m on my feet a lot; climb the occasional ladder; go outside for a short walk every now and then; and sometimes do the Hokey-Cokey (really). Are these the shoes I’m looking for?
    While I’m on the subject: are they hard wearing? And are they true to size?

    Thanks STW massive.

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    Aren’t they likely to be cold and wet by the time you arrive at your destination at this time of year? Those don’t look suitable to me for winter cycling and tbh I wouldn’t wear them through the day for non cycling activities either.

    Why not get some gore Tex cycling shoes than take a backpack with some actual shoes in it to change into?

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    I find a long tweed coat and a deerstalker to be suitable for my needs, while a pipe and a magnifying glass make for some quirky yet distinguished accessories.

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    Other half has some Sleuth DLX for all day wear and messing about on the bike.
    They aren’t canvas so don’t soak up the water like some of the others.
    He also has some of the slip on ones but they are very porous and a bit flexible for most riding.

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    I have the basic sleuths, I like them so far. Had to size up half a size. I often wear them to the office, smart enough for that (I’m business casual) or standard everyday use

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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