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    what temperature range? how tall are you?
    Many lightweight bags are for up to 6ft, some brands offer XL or long versions but it does add a little weight.
    Realistically, lightweight bags with a small pack size and low(ish) temperature rating you’ll need a decent quality down bag which certainly don’t come cheap.

    Mountain Hardwear Lamina bags are probably ideal for what you need but you’ll have to be patient and wait for a sale

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    You want to look at Decathalon lightweight sleeping bags

    Right on your price range. They’ve got a range of weights for different temperatures. I’ve been using one for bivvying. They pack down really small. I’ve got the 5 degree one and was actually too warm using it at the back end of September


    I’m 183cm / 6ft, season rating isn’t too important but prob a 2 or 3 season.


    Hay guys,

    Looking for a lightweight and small sleeping bag for around £50.

    In my job I do a lot of flying on cargo aircraft, C130, C17 and soon A400M. Some trips i do are only 2 or 3 days so I like to pack light and small with a medium rucksack only. I am pairing down all my kit to facilitate this. Other things I have are a lightweight microfiber towel, inflatable therarest rollmat and a Titanium spork among other things.

    I need a sleeping bag that packs down small and is fairly light but limited to aprox 50 quid. The North Face Lynx sleeping bag is ideal for me but 115 quid is a bit steep.

    So recomend me some good light small sleeping bags!


    I’ve had one of these: Clickyfor the last couple of months spent about 12 nights or so in it.
    It feels really thin but is still fairly warm.
    Packs really small and comes in a rolltop bag that can be compressed to remove air.


    One of these would probably fit the bill :

    I use one of the Vango Venom ultralite down bags which is excellent (it only weighs 750g and it packs down to the size of a pint glass) – BUT you will probably struggle to get one of those for less than £70.




    Snug pack do several 2 or 3 season bags that fit the bill. Ive got the jungle bag and a softie 4 the jungle bag is very small but really only for warm weather.


    Had a look at all the suggestions

    Like this snugpak one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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