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  • Mounty_73

    Anyone use one of these?

    45 quid in cotswolds stores.


    Someone must have one of these mats? 😉

    They’re not really any different from any other self inflating mat. They’re no lighter, no warmer, nor do they pack any smaller. Just because they’ve been reduced doesn’t mean they’re a bargain.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    I’ve got one, it’s OK for the money, not really great at full RRP. I like it personally as it’s a bit short so goes nicely in the car and makes a quick bed!

    For a regular sleeping mat i’d say if you’re over 6 feet look for something a bit longer, would say it’s decent value for pack size/comfort etc compared to thermarest etc. For a straight sleeping mat my cotswold multimat £20 quid job is more comfortable but twice the pack size and weight.


    Look at the Alpkit range. Cracking matt’s


    While I think Mountain Equipment stuff is great (I aboslultely love my Kongur Hardshell jacket) when it comes to matts I have not noticed much difference between the brands just seems to come down to size and thickness.

    My personal preference is to go short and thick as below the hips I’m not that bothered what there resting on but above I like good support for my back.


    “Alpkit range. Cracking matt’s “

    cheap but seem to have a very finite life and a bundle of excuses as to why not warrentying …. ranging from “you cant leave a matt inflated in a tent all day when your out” to “its been overinflated”

    – errr i was touring and moving on daily – stored deflated and packed small in my panniers/bed roll.

    wasnt impressed. The thermarests that replaced the alpkit mats how ever have been with us ever since – you pays your money you makes your choice. Once in a while use go cheap …. if its something your using often and want it to be light id pay a little more. ours failed 2 weeks into a 6 month tour – and it was 3 weeks further on matts that no longer inflated before we were somewhere that sold new ones !

    Do have other alpkit stuff thats been cracking but felt let down by the mats.


    Considering the alpkit mats are £60 and these are £45, I’d probably go for it if you’re in the market for one. ME stuff is generally good quality, so no reason to doubt their mats.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I have a couple of Thermarests in the classifieds…..

    Considering the alpkit mats are £60

    It’s only the Dozer which is £60 and that’s 7.5cm thick. The other AlpKit mats (which compare to the ME ones) are £40.

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