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  • Sleep, how much do you need/get?
  • Had a night in bed on Thursday night then did a nightshift last night. I was knackered when I came in this morning but had a coffee, watched a bit of telly & promptly fell asleep for about 15 mins. Woke up, went out on the bike, had a shower, watched the hockey & am now sitting watchin Ant & Dec & don’t feel too bad. Why TF am I still awake? Since going to bed at around 22.45 on Thursday & getting up at 09.10 on Friday, I’ve had about 11 hrs kip all told. Is this normal…..zzzzzz?

    Premier Icon jam bo

    More than my son thinks I do.


    nightshirt always messes you up though doesn’t it?

    To answer your question though, I usually get through the week on between 4 and 5 hours a night if I’m lucky. It’ll catch up with me on Friday night usually when I’ll get 6 hours.


    Get just over 6, could do with at least 7 – I’m knackered by the weekend…

    I average just over 8 hours, less than that and I do not feel 100%


    About 7.

    My eldest has been an ‘early riser’ and the lines on my face reflect this. But now he sleeps til 6 and for the first time in nearly seven years I get proper sleep every night. It feels weird and I’m sure that it’s going to revert back to madness soon but it hasn’t yet.

    I must pay tribute to lavazza coffee. Without you I would be dead. 🙂

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    Symptom of doing shift work o.p?

    17 years of shifts and I rarely get more than 5-6 hrs before I’m wide awake. Off nights (which I don’t currently do) I’m lucky to get 4.

    Depends how busy I am.
    My normal routine involves sleeping from midnight to 7am with a half hour kip after lunch (works wonders!).
    This last fortnight I’ve had a deadline to meet (yesterday, missed it) so have been sleeping from 1 ish to 6am with no pm kip. I can’t say I feel any more tired TBH.
    Long term though, I know it would kill me (literally).

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Have 3 small children under 5 so always tired. Haven’t even had a drink this year.
    Need 7 hours.. generally get broken 6 hours.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I personally operate much better with less sleep, rather than too much.

    Just something I’ve noticed. 7 hours max.


    8 hours to feel normal here. With a toddler and a new born baby I am feeling far from normal 😕

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    samuri – Member
    I usually get through the week on between 4 and 5 hours a night if I’m lucky. It’ll catch up with me on Friday night usually when I’ll get 6 hours.

    Roughly the same, though Thursday was a bit of a beast in @ work for 5:30am after 4 hours sleep didn’t leave till 7:15pm and then spent till midnight on the phone talking people through solving problems.

    Friday I slacked as I only did 10 hrs work but despite being the walking dead I was awake at 7am this morning as I have loads to do in the next couple of weeks (active mind is crap TBH)

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Probably more than I get.
    4hrs a night.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    5hrs is ok. I’m awake before the alarm most days anyway.
    Weekend feel wasted lying in. Can do that when/if I’m old.


    I used to require between 8 and 9 hours a night, then I had kids and realised I can get by on 5-6 hours a night!!
    If I have 8 hours sleep now I’m ruined for the day!!!


    11pm to 5am #6hrs mostly but on ride night after uploading #instagram ridey pics & #strava etc its normally midnight before wind down enough to sleep?!… So only 5 hours when could do with an hour extra!!!…weekends generally woke up early by kids!!! So never really get much sleep!! Tuh!


    Without pills 2-3 hours. With pills 6-7 hours.

    Once spent 3 days without sleep. Insomnia is a bitch.


    When I was working shifts and lots of overtime between 4 to a maximum of 6hours for 30 years pretty much. Since retiring I now have an absolute minimum of 8 hours a night but regularly more and feel so much better for it…….I think not working helps too 😆


    Need five can easily get ten.

    If there’s nytol involved… 14?


    Night all…shit its midnight again!! Duh!!


    Can manage on 8, would prefer 9, generally get 7.5


    Need nine, usually get nine.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Use to be terrible running on less than 5 hours a night every night, realised it wasn’t doing me any good so spent the last year or so trying to sort that. It’s not be a great success I get around 6 on average sometimes a bit more. When I’m
    on nights though it’s a right off. On my second shift tonight since Friday about 6am I’ve had maybe 4 hours. There’s no kids when I get home later today though so that’ll help.

    Still I reckon by Tuesday morn when I finish I may hit double figures and get maybe as much as 12 in total. Use to that now though gone or the days when we’d be quiet on a night shift. We do more jobs in one night shift now then we’d do in a week of full shifts.


    More than my body thinks atm – but then my body doesnt know what to think atm.

    Fly to gmt+4 country do 3 days in that time zone – go on to night shift for 10 days , then go back onto gmt+4 then come home. Result – gettting about 3 hours sleep a night for the last week !

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I need about six, in reality I get about three. It’s ruining my life at the moment.

    I need lots of sleep .
    9 hours is normal for me and I feel refreshed and ready to do stuff.
    8 hours is just enough for me to function normally. Need more in the winter , less in summer but not much maybe 30 mins
    Stopped drinking Caffeine after 1pm and by 8pm Im shutting down.
    Up at 0500 most days though

    b r

    I sleep far less now than I did when younger’

    Also went through a phase in my 30’s where I needed +8 hrs or I became Mr Angry. 🙂

    4 hours if I’m on a early shift, bed at midnight up at 0500 then home for 1600. Usually have a power hour then on the bike, shower and tea. Late shifts, bed at midnight and wake up at 11.
    Days off sleep till 10/11 first day, get household jobs done, following up at 0600 for a ride.


    When on earlies, I get 6 to 7 hours. But, i find having an afternoon snooze for anything up to an hour ( no more than that), works brilliantly & allows me to keep more in line with normal family life.

    Being a lifelong insomniac, I have to be really careful with the amount of sleep I get as I find insomnia a very difficult thing to deal with.


    Average around 7.5 need 8 really. I can cope with the odd 4-5 hr sleep without much issue but a couple in a week I get headaches and have real trouble being effective at work and have a very short temper. Also found if I have too many nights of little sleep I start sneezing a lot first thing. So much I get a sore throat. Never heard of anyone else who has that but def brought on by lack of sleep!

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