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  • SLATE, my new film
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    I had an overnighter last week in Snowdonia and it was pretty on the eye scenery wise.
    [url=]IMG_20200725_125505[/url] by Jeff Price, on Flickr

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    Nice one 👌

    Really cool. Like the little snippets of history. Some really nice camera work.

    When it was following you along the fence, was that a drone, or was it strapped to a sheep or something? 🐑

    Premier Icon malv173

    That was rub….

    Oh wait! SLATE is the name of the film!


    I really liked that. Would love to visit Snowdonia, it looks beautiful. And second kayak’s praise – very nicely shot. It’s nice watching an edit that isn’t about shralping on occasion!

    Premier Icon summittoppler

    Cheers for the positive feedback, glad it was enjoyed.
    Yeah, Snowdonia is bliss, so lucky to live here.

    Great film.

    Walked through there last year. Amazing place.

    I currently use the little alpkit kraku. Cheap, very light but works, but possibly inefficient.

    How much of an improvement do you think are the hose based burners?

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    Lovely video! Great first choice of music, complimented the visuals nicely 😊👍

    Premier Icon summittoppler


    The stove I use is the Alpkit Koro, its a great stove tbf. Loads of power to it. I’ve had the small Kraku but it didn’t last too long. Shame as its so compact.

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