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    Hi all, got a couple of adventurous kids that I think would love a crack at slacklining so have been thinking about setting something up in the back garden. Seem to be able to get a line for not too much, in case it is not a hit. I’ll be having a go too!

    We only have 1 tree suitable for one end of the line. Anyone got any advice on what to do with the other? There is a wall, so maybe a bracket drilled in or a ground anchor (big cork screw) with the line over a tree stump (got some rounds that haven’t been chopped yet).

    Thoughts on an upper line for balance, to make it easier/more enjoyable for the kids?

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    I put in dead mans anchors at each end and built trestles to take the line over, gives me 2 heights, adults / kids, and when packed away, nothing to be seen but 2 shackles at ground level.
    bit of a faff though, had to dig down at least 3 feet.
    google “slackline without trees” and there are some good examples to be found.

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    It’s bloody difficult. 🤣

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    You have reminded me to set the ground anchors this weekend.
    You can get screw in one’s and some stake one’s (but those need solid ground to stay in). I did play with the idea of concreteing some metal stakes in but will stick with the ground anchors.
    As said above it’s bloody hard work. I can stand on it for a few seconds now

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    I’ve only ever set one up with trees, so I can’t help there but bear in mind there’s a lot of force going through it, and you really don’t want it pinging out when you’re walking on it. This is especially true if you’re using a 2″ rachet strap one, they’re pretty heavy and sharp.

    Not sure what kit you’re looking at but I’ve used a couple and much prefer to tension a 1″ line using karabiners rather than a 2″ ratchet. It’s a bit trickier to set up (but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough), you won’t get it as tight and it’s possibly a little harder to get the hang of, but once you do it’s a lot nicer to walk on, and more fun too.

    I was never brilliant (and I’ve not had mine out in ages) but I could walk forwards and backwards, pivot, crouch and I was starting to get the hang of surfing (which is much better on a dynamic line with no ratchet) when I fell off and borked my foot and got scared.

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    Thanks for the replies. I’ve no doubt it’s tricky, but it looks like it could be fun. Or hugely frustrating!?

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    Very popular with climbers, so if you dont get good info here then try on ukbouldering or ukc.

    Also, I think the idea of an extra line above for the kids’ balance would defeat the purpose of it and probably get them using bad technique. Like stabilisers on a bike..


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    It’s awesome fun, but you do have to get past the ‘THIS IS STUPID AND IMPOSSIBLE’ stage.

    Top tip – don’t look at your feet, keep your head up. And a slacker line feels weirder at first, but is actually easier than a tighter one.

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