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  • Skyline cycles (Glyncorrwg), shop and cafe to close down
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    I guess mtbing has been losing its popularity for a number of years now.

    Not been to BPW then!! I guess that has got to be a major factor in less people going to Afan/Glyncorrwg.


    Now’s the time to get a decent uplift service, combine Afan and Glyncorrwg (as mentioned earlier in this thread) and pitch the combined trail centre as a more enduro version of BPW? Plenty of places to park the T5’s, opportunity to have racing and camping and, close to surf on the south-west coast. Maybe even run some roadie sportives out from the centre.

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    I can’t really see it happening. It’s quite a long way for most people and the locals don’t seem interested. However if the long-talked about adventure resort even happens it would be amazing & totally transform the entire area!

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    Apparently the adventure resort has had some planning permission so expect more investment in the area.

    Afan had been busier the last few times I’ve been than in years. Glencorrwg less so but I think it’s just a case of trail centres losing out to bike parks and the increasing choice of off piste style stuff. Even FoD will take traffic away from Glencorrwg that it wouldn’t have 5+yrs ago.

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    Went to Afan for the first time a couple of weeks ago and did W2. Absolutely loved it. Yes some hills but some great scenery and interesting trails, with awesome singletrack and fun descents.


    I went there weekend before last. First time. I’m pretty new to MTB (roadie, got a hardtail last summer). I have done Cwncarn (Twrch) once. I absolutely loved it!!

    We stayed in Afan lodge, great location, great food.

    We did The Wall first, then had lunch as the café in Glencorrwg, which was perfect btw, food was spot on. Then did Blade. Omg it was hard on my hardtail and no skill haha, especially the last rocky descent to the café!! I was so tired, I walked a couple of those last bits as arms were totally dead and couldn’t see beyond the rocks, next time I will ride those, they were fine. But so much fun! Although it was very tiring, the views at the top made it worth it (shame about the vast tree felling though)

    I loved Cwncarn, but think Afan more so. I’m not had the opportunity to ride any bike parks yet. But [as I’m still new] I’ve not really into jumps etc. I love the natural single track stuff. Amazing. More!


    haha yeh I know what you mean. I rode Blade on my hardtail a few years ago when it first opened, that last descent nearly rattled me off the bike! it was a bit much tbh and I’ve been riding hardtails for 20+ years. Can’t wait to get there this year and put my new Anthem through it’s paces 🙂

    I’ve had many good days out there (going right back to the days) but the last few visits it’s felt overdue for some maintenance. The “upside” of trail centre riding should be decent riding conditions all year. Afan has a lot of sections that are now permanently wet and muddy so there’s better natural riding to be had when it’s dry and offers little benefit when it’s wet.

    It’s not fun on a hardtail – the level of armouring on most of it means the suspension does a lot of work even on the climbs.


    the afan volunteers are repoening the old genesis trail on the penhydd trail in afan

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    Where’s that can you show location on a trail map if poss?
    Not been there for years and get the trail names muddled up with the renames etc! 😁👍

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    Here’s an original trail map.

    Genesis was only a short section, if I remember right it featured a fast right turn and a drop off a big root but I might be wrong.

    It won’t add a tonne more riding per se, but it will let you skip the last descent of Penhydd and head straight to Blue Scar which is riding amazingly since they redid it (providing you like mirror smooth, fast trails)

    Original Trail Map


    Old thread and was originally about the bike shop and cafe closing. Well they opened again under new ownership. However the new cafe owner is thinking of selling up.

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