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  • I think edlong is missing the point entirely here. 🙄
    As this search will come up on google searches for skyline cycles, I honestly can say, I wouldn’t want future or perspective buyers to be put off by the op’s shiester pov of them.

    But the title is non-committal, and the content overwhelmingly positive, so if it does show up on Google it won’t do Skyline any harm.

    It could even be a masterpiece of AstroTurfing by Skyline themselves 😉

    Haha, very witty, Yes I suppose so, let’s hope google searchers read the whole content of thread and not go on just what the op is mouthing about which let’s be quite frank is nonsense to be producing a separate thread basically accusing Skyline of ripping a rider off over an inner tube which we all know would cost around £6 in an lbs nowadays.


    I think edlong is missing the point entirely here.

    No, I don’t think so. the thread title itself is neither positive, nor negative, doesn’t even give a clue as to the theme.

    If someone then opens the thread they will see one negative comment, followed by about 40 positive ones interspersed with one person getting their knickers in a twist about the whole thing for reasons that aren’t yet clear.

    🙄 Their’s always one isn’t there ed 🙄


    Was in there this morning discussing frame options. As usual they were very helpful and personable.


    OP is a bit quiet, but then again by the looks of it he only really uses this place to sell :mrgreen:

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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