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  • darrimc30

    Bought a new tv for the back room last week so needed an additional sky connection for it, rang sky up and gave them all my details and the guy says, we are doing a deal at present and you can have a 2tb box and installation is only £60, great I thought.
    Just had the sky engineer on the phone to confirm a time for the installation tomorrow, he starts asking questions and then suddenly says as you already have 2 sky boxes you will need a different LNB which is £80 and we will need to rebook you in, which he said should of been explained to you over the phoney
    Rather pissed off with this, going to wait for engineer to ring back tomorrow before I ring SKY myself.

    Has anyone else had the same issue with SKY, I’m at the end of my contract and tempted to tell them to stick it.


    You need to watch TV less.


    You can swap the lnb yourself. And as a quick pointer I was offered the multi room 2t box for free only last night as I was having a strop. We’ve only the one telly so I didn’t go for it. Fair few deals also at the mo. I got hd half price and phone line rental for 4.50 a month which is the best part if 150 quid better than BT.

    Boba Fatt

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the engineer is’nt actually a Sky engineer but one that’s on contract and he’s trying to make a bit of pocket money

    Ring Sky, they shouldn’t be charging unless they’ve told you they have to

    Premier Icon luffy105

    £80 for a quad LNB is complete rubbish. I paid way less than that for an 8 feed lnb. The cable isn’t dear either, you can get 100m of decent quality copper/copper cable for £25. The hard work is already done as the dish is aligned correctly. If you have a drill with a big ole masonry bit you could do it yourself for less than £40

    Premier Icon ton

    I can sell you a sky quad lnb at cost. and a roll of cable too come to think of it.

    80 quid is 60 quid too much.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    If you’ve already got Sky+ in two rooms, a quad LNB is no use to as you’ve already got one. You’d need an otco LNB.

    That said, £80 seems steep to me. £20 for the linebox and £60 fitting?

    You need an 8 way LNB to support up to 4 boxes. You ought to have been told this on the phone, for sure. However, £80 from the engineer is a piss take.

    You can DIY the LNB swap, easy, should you need to. OctoLNBs are an ebay job. Just unscrew the old one and plug in the new one. Sky bloke should do the cabling run for free on the third box.

    Its worth giving Sky an earfull on the phone, threaten to cancel contract – I’d guess they will throw the LNB upgrade in for free if you have a grump. Their usual policy is to try and keep customers customers, and if that means swinging them a bit of kit (an LNB is literally pennies to them) or reduced subscription for 6 months then they will do so.


    Be wary of threatening to leave Sky in order to get a better deal, as they may just let you go these days. Their strategy has changed fairly recently as they know that customers who leave will, mostly, return to them when they discover that the other service they’ve signed up to isn’t as good.

    This strategy is working for them, they are maintaining their customer base above target and dropping their spend on save deals.

    Just saying,,

    Ho hum

    I thought that the installation fee covers everything that needs to be done, including putting in a quad LNB?

    I think that the installer was trying it on.

    Section 4 part c) of their installation terms and conditions says:

    (c) If you already have satellite equipment installed at your Address, then some of this equipment may be used for the installation and use of your Digital Satellite Equipment. Where any existing equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced this will be carried out as part of the installation. Unless you tell us otherwise, for example because you do not own the equipment, the installer will take away any equipment that has been replaced.

    You are going to a multiroom and therefore parts of the current install will have to be upgraded. It’s a standard multiroom upgrade.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I left Sky a couple of months ago, and they weren’t really trying hard to retain me as I left, but boy are they trying now!

    Full Sky package for £16.00 a month was the latest offer they sent me!

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