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  • sky broadband help!!
  • renton

    hi all i wonder if you can help me out .

    i have my broadband through sky and have the basic package which is free.(base upto 2 meg and 2 gig download a month)

    ive had it for a year and never gone over the 2 gig limit.

    that is until december, since then i have gone over my 2 gig limit by quite a bit for some reason(only browsing and never dowload stuff??)

    so sky have emailed me and said they have automatically upgraded me to the Sky Broadband Everyday package which is speeds upto 10mb and download limit of 10gig)

    the thing is that the speed is exactly he same as before th upgrade and is defiantley no quicker (tested at sky….Your download speed is 1768Kbps. Your upload speed is 345Kbps. )

    this is nowhere near 10meg is it??

    what can i do ???



    The speed is defined by the quality of your connection as well – if you are a distance from the exchange you won't get the quickest speeds. Check on Sky for the speed they think you should get ( you just need to put your number in). And make independant tests using at different times (it will always be slower on an evening when lots of people are using the pipe). if the clocked speeds do not match the estimated speeds get them to test the line.

    Remember they are NOT saying you will get 10meg, just that it can be up to that speed in perfect conditions.


    sky reckon upto 4meg on their site??


    Try giving Sky a call. I had to call them on Monday and I have to say I was absolutely delighted with the level of customer care I received. They even called me back later in the day to give me an update on the issue even though they had not promised to do this. My experience of customer care from large organisations in the UK is that they never call back even when they tell you they will.

    Try it at a low traffic time then. I was told to expect 4meg, get up to 5meg, normally around 3.5 to 4 on an evening.

    And where is the router? At the connection to the house or on an extension? Are you using the Sky-supplied adsl filters?


    if you phone and request they will prob downgrade you back – no point paying for something your not likely to use
    Second what others said I have always found Sky to be excellent
    Do you use BBC iplayer? If so this could be the reason I think they changed it couple months ago and it streams in a higher quality by default now – using more mb's


    I'd guess your router needs a firmware upgrade. Ask sky to sort that.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I'd guess your router needs a firmware upgrade. Ask sky to sort that.

    Utter pish.

    MF has provided the answer.


    My folks are on sky and the router signal is very poor, my laptop wont pick up a signal if I'm not in the same room as the router-any idea's why?


    its a con 5 peopel i know with sky some light users some heavy all had the same are also upto the same trick .

    Boba Fatt

    it's not really a con, you get an e-mail if you go over 70% of your usage (although this can be adjusted on the website) , if it happens twice in 6 months you get an auto upgrade that you can then downgrade after 30 days

    All they're doing is clamping down on the fannies that go for the 2 meg BB then start downloading 100 films a month.

    Renton – Call SKY BB tech and they'll help you out, lots of tips for squeezing out the most speed and they'll do loads of checks and do what they can, but its all down to your distance from the exchange, rarely does anyone get the full on headline speed advertised


    i called sky 3 times and got cut off twice !!

    when i finally got chance to ask about my usage they couldnt really explain why it has gone up, even though i feel my usage has stayed the same for the past year??

    anyway they have changed me onto the middle connection (10 meg) any the max i can get down my line is 4 meg??

    would this be the same fr all broadband suppliers??

    would this be the same fr all broadband suppliers?


    If your line can only carry a 4meg signal then that is all you can get. The only difference between providers and services is the service settings and how the pipe is divided up. For example, Sky do a 2meg, 4 meg and 10meg service (IIRC). The difference being that (in very simple terms) they turn the 'tap' on slightly for 2 meg but open it right up for 10meg.

    If you can only get a 4meg connection, look at it like having the tap turned on full but the pipe it is going into is a very narrow gauge so you won't get as much water out as someone with a big pipe.

    Then consider that there will be about another 12/24 people sharing that 'pipe' so if they are all using their 'water' at the same time as you, less of it will get through your pipe.

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