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  • stevewhyte

    It’s a funny old world where 90bhp can be produced from a rubber band and 120+ bhp is consider pathetic.

    I fear if you we’re born after the 80s you might not realise that it’s not that important to do 0-60 in under 12 sec and 140mph.

    90bhp in a golf is more than adequate, it would easily reach 100mph and get 40 mpg on a run. Sounds to me like yours was shagged.

    uncle zaskar

    just got a 170cr engined skoda superb estate in SE trim level – it’s a great car for the money, amazing amount of space and certainly in 170 guise has plenty of poke.

    a couple of years ago I had a mk1 superb, but there is no comparison to the mk2, which is so much better in every way. The build quality on mine is easily comparable to the BMW 3 series, mondeos, and honda’s that are also on my companies fleet.

    seems to be averaging about 51mpg as well, which seems good for the size of it !


    Its not about speed , acceleration or anything like that – hell my favorite car to drive is a 1987 land rover ninety 85 bhp and a couple of hundred thousand miles( recorded) on the clock. – how ever i stay the hell away from the motorway in it.

    For me its about longevity. You think a highly stressed small engine hauling a big heavy car round all the time is a good thing ?

    Time will tell with these tsfis i guess

    Im all for small engines in small cars but the 1.4 golf is geared low to imitate speed hence why it screams on the motorway. when you load it up with 4 people and a boot full of associated crap for a trip , it struggles there is no doubt – every review i read agrees.

    Ive had 1 litre c1 hire cars and ive really liked them – because there is no temptation to over load them.A big superb sized car could easily carry some big loads.

    Depends on your usage i guess. Motorway driving vs sitting in traffic in town ….or if your in england – sitting in traffic on the motorway.


    Test drove the 1.4 superb today and was amazed by how smooth and pokey it was. I can see that fully loaded up steep hills would require a change down but for town driving and motorway cruising it was perfect.

    The build and spec is incredible for the money.

    For normal drivers who just want to get around does it matter how the power and torque is produced? Too many people have swallowed the marketing spiel and think they need loads of power – 20 years ago 125 bhp would have been a lot (2.0 litre Carlton – 122 bhp, 320i 123 bhp).

    Premier Icon molgrips

    For normal drivers who just want to get around does it matter how the power and torque is produced?

    Well sort of, yes. Changing down a lot through corners etc is a pain, towing a caravan is much better with a little more power, also there are a fair few motorway sliproads that are quite hairy if you can’t accelerate well enough, and it’s also rather nice being able to overtake.

    It’s not marketing spiel that tells you you need a lot. Marketing tells us how much the car has, most people who are interested have already decided a lot is a good thing. The need for speed is far deeper than simple marketing! I don’t think anyone thinks you NEED 150bhp, if being honest – but a lot of people think it would be fun. And if you can get 170bhp and still get 50mpg, it looks like a win/win.

    20 years ago 125 bhp would have been a lot

    Yeah that’s cos cars were much lighter then. The reason cars are much heavier now is far better crash protection. Take a look at a 1994 Passat Estate say compared to a new one. The old one looks like a greenhouse on wheels. The same reason in fact why rear visibility is a lot worse nowadays.


    When I was looking a few months ago I really wanted a Superb but in the end went for an Octavia as I really didn’t need the extra room and could get a much better equipped Octavia for the money. I sat in the basic Superb and it was a pretty horrible cheap dash/controls and pretty much no toys – the higher up models are nice though. As has been said, there aren’t many second-hand Superbs about so prices remain high (and most of those that do come up are basic spec so probably ex-hire cars).

    A friend has the 1.4 engine in a mk6 Golf. Its by all accounts a great engine. Whether I’d want one in an Octavia, let alone a Superb would be a different question altogether. The Superb is one big chunk of car…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    You should be aware there’s a huge difference between the 1.4 FSI (which even my old dad thought was too underpowered in a Golf, worse than the 1.6 Focus he ended up with which isn’t exactly sporty) and the 1.4 TFSI 160bhp one which is fabulous by all accounts.

    Thankfully, I’m well aware of the differences… Thanks for checking though 😉

    Premier Icon molgrips

    So which one did you like in the Golf then? Curious.

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