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  • wrightyson

    Another fad in the Wrighty household or worth buying one for me and the kids when we go to Cornwall for a coupla weeks. Already got the body boarding gear and all love that but thought it might be worth a crack if the sea is too rough one day for the kids to be safe.


    Why would you want to, broke my wrist 6 years ago on the 8th August on Perranporth beach.
    Made a proper mess of it, bloody dangerous things, bit like skateboarding on ice

    ace little things.. although I can already skate.

    you can skim quite far with a good run up I can do shove-its and have done a few kick flips too but they always ended up very wet.


    My kids can do it, but I just look and see the potential for me to break a wrist / my coccyx . That’s one of the few things I will give a wide berth to.

    As above it’s like skateboarding (which I can do) but with a board that can go anywhere.


    Ill get one for the kids then…

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Wrighty – just seen that exact thing happen yesterday down the beach – the bloke screamed like a girlie! Lifeguards sorted him out with a lift to the local medical place (I assume – it was all Greek to me)

    I wouldn’t go near one of those boards


    They are good, but not for the feint hearted, if you’re the type that happily jumps on the kids skateboard for ride then they are for you, if not leave it to the kids… You probably won’t do this, you will be desperate to have a go, this is a good thing but be prepared to fall off.

    I have one. Never injured myself although falling off is more or less inevitable. My one made of a hard foam type stuff. I’ve tried the wooden ones but when they hit your ankles they hurt…


    Just hit yourself in the coccyx with a mallet and save yourself buying a board 😉

    They are great fun, so much better than the circles of marine ply we had as kids.
    My lads have one each and the spent ages learning when there were no waves to play in.
    You will fall off, you will get wet, your ego will take a bit of a dint, them’s the rules. Have fun.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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