Skills course for the OH. (MTB skills, not wife related ;o) )

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  • Skills course for the OH. (MTB skills, not wife related ;o) )
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    Sorry he’s not in the Midlands, but Ed Oxley is great and I’m a much better rider after one of his courses. I think Jedi is more your way and loads of people recommend him.


    A friend of mine did a girl’s only course in north wales, she highly recommend it but I’ve no idea who it was with

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    I did a girls course with Forest Freeride in mid Wales. Stuart is the guy who organises the Welsh Ride Thing and an all round nice chap.


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    Jedi is the man …


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    Morning all.

    Thought I’d ask the collective here as there are quite a few ladies biking whom might have been on something similar.

    My good lady wife is mainly a roadie however she also likes mtb rides.

    Mainly XC orientated like Cannock and Sherwood for now, but we are going to Wales for the 4th time in August and she would like to join me on some more adventurous trails.

    I’ve tried to teach her about body position and skills etc, but it always ends up in an argument.

    There are various skills centres on the tinterweb, but I’d like to go on recommendation rather than a glossy web site.

    Does anybody have any favourites or recommendations for something midland based – around Cannock would be ideal.


    Not the midlands. However, Leon is an excellent coach and rider. Not women only courses, however, many women attend –

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    Jedi is the man, though for one on ones he is booked up months and months in advance.

    Rob Hilton

    he is booked up months and months in advance.

    There’s a reason for that.

    & it’s worth the wait.

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    What Rob said, my OH enjoyed her coaching hugely and I then booked for myself and I can only say, it is the best investment you can make for your bike!


    I think I’m kind of in the same boat…if I try and give her any pointers I get shouted at. There was quite a funny column by Seb Kemp in last months Dirt…everything he said was true!

    I’d like to get my other half on a beginners course but se refuses to do one because its only riding a bike. I tried to liken it to snowboarding which she likes and is pretty good at (I.e you wouldn’t o that without a few lessons etc). Hopefully she’ll agree to go on one soon.

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    I agree Jedi is worth the wait, but no use to the OP who is taking his wife on holiday in August.


    He does have cancellations now and then and public days

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    Thanks all. There is plenty there for me to go at. 🙂

    The OH, our 14yr old daughter and I went round Cannock FTD yesterday and again today after I gave the OH some basic coaching on lifting the front wheel and general positioning on the bike.

    I know it isn’t massive in the world of riding, but after that she did the first ever complete lap of FTD (no black bits) without stopping or getting off.

    So if my pathetic attempt at coaching has that effect, it must be a good idea to get something more professional.

    I’ll look into courses and post again how she gets on.

    Thanks again.


    Careful, she’ll end up beating you 😯

    Premier Icon bails

    I did the ‘Advanced Trail Riding’ course with (that course doesn’t seem to be available any more) and it really helped me. Not the total transformation that Jedi seems to be, but good enough that I couldn’t do the black stuff, then went back a week or 2 after the course and cleared them all without any drama.

    Doing a jumps and drops course with ‘the bike school’ at the weekend so I’ll see if they’re better/worse/different.


    Try riding in a small group, and see if she can take on any advise from the others – anybody but you!

    Seemed to work well with mrs xiphon – her riding (and self confidence) improved dramatically after 2 days with another couple.

    Equally, one of the others improved their skills from advice I had given…. the same situation as us really!

    One experienced/skilled male and female in opposing couples makes a great combination for a “skills” weekend


    I went on a 1 to 1 for 2 hrs with Graham from Sherwood mountain bike instruction, I really enjoyed it lots of tweeked skills and new ones, I felt any more than 3 hours would be too much for my head / body to cope with (its a girl thing), its xc orientated too some of my friends ( girls and boys ) have been to see him too and got lots out of it 🙂 the run courses at sherwood pines


    I run ChaseSkills-mtb skills courses at Cannock Chase.

    I would be more than happy to chat about a course to suit your needs.

    Either pm me your email through here or pop me an email to this address:

    all the best

    mods-hope you dont mind me responding to this, if you do feel free to delete.

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    I can recommend Clive Forth. I had a one on one session with him earlier on in the year.

    He not only showed you how to do things but made you also understand the fundamental concepts. So if you didn’t totally nail something on the day you knew what you were trying to achieve and could practice it in your own time as you could analyse yourself and self correct.

    On top of that he’s also a nice guy too.

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