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    Any particular thing you’re trying to brush up on/achieve?

    Fully Sussed

    Give them a call, Jay and Maddie are great and I’m sure they could help you out.


    A Cycling
    Run by Matt page; 24hr and enduro specialist and generally all round nice bloke. I think he even got reffered to as a ‘Legend’ the other week…

    Honestly if your going to learn, learn from the best.

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    Bristol based. Did a half day with them on cornering. Very good.


    My skills need a bit of work.
    Any recommends for a coach in the South West region?


    Skills required are….Manualling, small jumps, generally going faster without crashing out!


    Personally knowing both Sam & Matt at PedalProgression and Jay and Maddie at Fully Sussed and I’d recommend them both.

    PedalProgression will help you with the fun stuff both of them being very stylish riders. Where’s FullySussed are both XC racers so will help you to be a smooth rider and showing how to get speed out of each section.*

    * I’ve not been on either of their skills sessions so they might vary massively from what they’re like to ride with.

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    Learnt loads , tony was super friendly and a bargain for 3 hours one to one

    Look no further!!

    See Chris Smith for a one-on-one.

    Frickin’ hero.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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