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  • Skiing Lake Tahoe ?
  • we want great accomodation local to lots of nightlife and perhaps ski in / out ?

    recommendations ?


    Oooo, you've got cash to flash and want us all to know it. Where is Lake Tohoe BTW? I mean if you were to say recommendations Val or Chamonix you might have some hope.

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    Ski in/out at Tahoe? You'll be lucky, different to Europe!

    Best bet would probably be one of the casinos around Stateline, use the gondola to get up to Heavenly, which is the biggest ski area and IMO the best. Good skiing there, excellent snow, but lift tickets are seriously expensive.

    Most of the other resorts, Kirkwood, Squaw, Sierra, Northstar are 1hr+ drive though.

    njee – cheers. never skied Tahoe so loooking for recommendations.
    Edu – Thanks for your positive input. We're old hands in Chamonix anyway.


    Yeah, Chamonix is sooooo last year.

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    Stay on the Californian side. The Nevada side is very tacky, full off casinos but very cheap for eating. For cheap accommdation a motel would be good and just eat out.

    We stayed in Heavenly and hired a mini bus, which enabled us to drive out to a different resort (around the lake) every day. It meant getting up early but they close the lifts about 3.00p.m ish so that suited us.

    We saw loads of Wildlife, coyote, bears, ( I missed the bear crossing the road in front of our van) chipmunks, squirrels and some great birds.

    On one of the days we took a drunken steamboat trip up the lake, where I was stalked the whole time by this crazy American, so that wasn't a good choice of a day out for me, maybe good for you though.

    Enjoyed all the resorts we skied, some still don't allow snowboarders, so just check if you have a mixed group.


    some still don't allow snowboarders,

    *starts to take more interest*

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    Edukator – you'd like Salt Lake city, some resorts around the Wasatch mts. still don't allow boarders. 'Alta' springs to mind.

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    I've done a bit of skiing around there. I'd just stay somewhere in Tahoe itself, the calif side. We stayed in a motel (one of the chains) Super5 or something. Cheap, massive rooms, clean, bar and restaurant attached. You won;t get ski in/out very easily unless you go to Kirkwood or one of the other on hill resorts. FWIW I thought Kirkwood was immense, brilliant chute skiing and great snow. Northstar and Sierra at Tahoe v good as well. I did a course at Heavenly right at the end of their season – April from memory as i was on my way to NZ. Anyway we were standing around chewing the fat and i said "Man those fir trees are quite small" pointing at the 1ft high tree i was beside. The head patroller laughed and said "Mate its about 70 feet high, thats the top foot of it !" and right enough there WAS a lot of snow that year ! I had a ball in Tahoe, lots of good bars, eating is typically American but do try and get out to the other resorts as they are really great.

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    The trees are pretty wide- that's where Sonny Bono died.

    (probably nobody will get that reference, ah well.)


    Most of the resorts around Tahoe have some form of ski in/out, but the resort prices for accomodation are super high. Most resorts are close to hotels/motels though, and in South lake theres specific ski resort buses put on too to all the ski lifts onto Heavenly

    Plenty of nightlife/Casinos in South lake & Stateline, lots in walking distance from major hotels and motels. We've stayed in low to mid-range motels mostly and run about $100-$120/night (Quality Inn/holiday inn/rodeway etc)

    In South Lake youre pretty much limited to Heavenly (which isnt a bad thing!, its huge – you can ski for days and not take the same run twice) – Sierra at Tahoe about 30 mins drive and Kirkwood about 45 mins to an hour. North lake resorts all in excess of an hours drive (on a good day!)

    North Lake Tahoe / Truckee area is generally quiter. Nighltife is not as bumping as South lake, but there is way more choice for skiing (imo). Ski in/out at Northstar resort (one of my favoirtes for boarding and nightlife, but ive never stayed there!) – All within half an hour of Truckee you have Squaw Valley, Apline Meadows, Northstar, homewood, Sugarbowl, and a few smaller resorts, most of which have base of slope accomodation. An hour out into Nevada is Mount Rose & Diamond Peak. Your only half an hours drive from Reno too for an intersting night out 😛 Plenty of cheaper hotels/motels in Truckee

    despite the comment above, ive not yet found a major Tahoe resort that prohibits snowboarders.

    Of the lot up there, Heavenly, Northstar and Squaw are my favourites. Heavenlys got a bit of everything, Northstars gots some great open runs and lots of trees with superb tree runs, and Squaw is a great big open bowl.

    hope it helps (i used to spend 6-8 weekends a year in Tahoe when i lived in San Francisco so have a bit of local knowledge!)

    whacky – any more info appreciated 🙂
    edu – i love cham, but have exhausted it over the last 30 years.
    never been to tahoe.


    Alta and Deer Valley in Utah are skiier only, as is Taos in New Mexico, all the resoirts around Tahoe allow them though

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