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  • Skiing in Scheffau, Austria (Wilden Kaiser)
  • Ciaran
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    Anyone any experiences of skiing in scheffau / soll in austria? part of the Wilden Kaiser ski area.

    whats it life for skiing and nightlife and what not


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    I think it’s a fantastic area for skiing. I’ve been there 3 or 4 times. It’s my pick of the villages on the ski welt area from a skiing point of view but is absolutely dead at night. Just a couple of hotel restaurants and 1 little bar. The bottom of the slope stuff for finishing the skiing part of the day is good though. My advice would be stay in Soll and drive to Scheffau and take the gondola from there.

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    Ive skied for years, and still, one of my trips to Soll ranks as an all time best, particularly for the nightlife !

    As said, Sheffau great for getting onto the circuit, but crap for nightlife.
    Stay in Soll, accept its limitations on access to the mountain, which can mean a walk or bus from the village, but means you can revel in the atmosphere when you’re finished.

    The week we had there a few years ago was unbeleivable, loads of great live bands on, we had an absolute blast.

    Good area too, considering, altho dont expect Three Valleys or L’Espace Killy,

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    I’ve been there a good 10 times now. We always stay in Hopfgarten. Skiwelt has a good range of sking avaliable for all but really advanced. The night life is not crazy but we’ve always found enough. Depends what type of trip your after, 18-30 then I think Soll is the best place around therem the rest of the villages are quieter. We’re off for our next trip there in 2 weeks.

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    Hi there Ciarán,

    We live here! So if you need any info just shout. Last year I skied 48 days in the Skiwelt so know the area fairly well. Also, with my wife’s family having lived here for over 4 generations, we can pretty much answer most questions.

    The whole skiwelt is generally classed as an Intermediate resort, there are places to learn from all the main ski towns though. My personal favourite is Ellmau, if the snow is good in the valley. Great choice of ski schools, cheap hire skis and enough bars to keep you happy in the evenings.

    If you want to find the black runs then there are a couple from Scheffau and more in Westendorf. Now with the new connecting cablecar, I get from the bottom of Scheffau to the top of Westendorf in about 45 minutes.

    For Nightlife.

    Ellmau – has a mixture of family hotels and a couple of good bars and 2 average nightclubs, it is small scale though. Good prices though, a lot cheaper than France.

    Scheffau – the village is too far from the ski area for have a good feel to it, but Andy_B is right, the Red Bull bar is stuffed full at the end of the red run into the valley.

    Soll – this really is Brits abroad, loads of bars much more like a night out in town.

    over the other side – Hopfgarten, Westendorf etc are pretty similar. Personally, I like Hopfgarten, if you get into a bar and settle down for a drinking session with your mates, you’ll be fine here.

    We regularly update our blog with bits and bobs from the Skiwelt. So if you have a sec take a look.

    The Guides Ramblings – Ellmau, Austria

    Sorry if this reply is far too late for making your holiday decisions, just spotted it when I re-registered for the forum.

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    Can I just say hi too to my namesake!

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