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  • samuri

    Looks nice and cheap, what's it like then?

    Any resort/hotel recommendations? I'm booking for next year because I'm so pissed off about not going skiing this year.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Went a long time ago but seem to remember there was only one way down the mountain. Check the piste map before you book!

    It was different but the locals were awfully nice and welcoming. Good food too. Accommodation had not seen a Health and Safety Inspector either!

    pop larkin

    I think they have improved the offer quite a bit recently- a guy at work always goes there.
    We are going to Slovenia as its first time for my wife and kids so didnt want to spend a huge amount- 1 week self catering around £2.5k week before half term in Feb.


    DON'T GO!!! it's cheap for a reason. Check over on snowheads, Borovets for instance was still green up to last week, they were bussing clients 2 hours to get to some good snow, its no wonder the tour ops were selling a week's HB at £200…


    i'm an enthusiastic cheapskate but would be careful some friends went in 08 and came back with report of lots of pistes closed and lifts not running in feb half term – beginners as well so not exactly demanding lots of action

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Week in Bansko last year
    Was spot on
    loads of snow (its higher than Borovets etc – which have suffered last few years)
    Fast lifts, not too many queues pistes where good & well groomed, fair bit of off piste too
    Ideal for beginners and intermediates, advanced may get a bit bored but there is a snowboard park also (and Heliskiing etc)
    Hotels are prob more basic than other places – we stayed in a 5* (Katarino Spa) would say more like a good 3* / average 4*
    Food okay but not great but we eat in hotel all the time as it was a bus ride out of town
    Definately offers value for money
    Oh and medical service was spot on, my wife broke her wrist on 3rd day, when we got back to UK our hospital said it was one of the best settings they had seen from a ski resort hospital
    I would go back again definately
    Good bar oposite the bottom gondola station, the band in there – snowdogs are pretty good

    Premier Icon iain1775

    …we went with Crystal


    some friends went in 08 and came back with report of lots of pistes closed

    as above couldn't remember resort name was Borovets

    iain1775 what time of year did you go to Bansko?


    A friend of mine has a couple of rental apartments in Bansko which are close to the Gondola station. He also rates the skiing there.

    Pirin Mountains

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    What nbt etc. say above is true. Friend of mine lives a few km from Borovets slopes, and can see the slopes from his house.
    +17C a few days ago, but it has started snowing again.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Been to Borovets three times – had a great time everytime, but don't expect too much.

    Defo check the snow before booking though

    I used to look after Bulgaria product for Neilson holidays. Been to all the Bulgarian resorts.

    depends what you want really. Bansko is definately the pick of the bunch. as the resort is only 7 or 8 years old, all the lifts are modern and fast. ski area not huge but enough to keep you interested for a week as long as you're not some sort of mile muncher.
    PLace is still a building site and will be for a while yet.
    accom is pretty good, though the service levels in Bulgaria are generally lower than elsewhere (they are not intentionally surly or rude, but they don't really do smiling!)

    Borovets is on the whole a bit older, massive hotels (1000+ rooms!). used to be a problem with hookers in the lobbys but not now. Ski area a bit more technical. and snow not as good as Bansko.

    I woulndn't bother with pamporovo.

    p.s. the snow can be excellent in Bulgaria, but it's a bit more of a gamble. I'd wait for a late deal and see what comesup.

    pps – pre buy all your lift tickets/kit/lessons before you go. they will be at least double the price in resort. Despite repeated advice, customers turned up every week and got shafted, and there was nothing we could do to help.


    Premier Icon iain1775

    we went Bansko first w/e in Feb but knew some people that went a month later and snow was still good

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