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    My mate owns this place in Slovakia. Really reasonably priced and it is so cheap to eat out and drink there.

    Chalet Slovakia


    How good a skier are you? If you’re half decent and skied the alps etc, you’ll find it a bit tame, it’s not very high.


    Oops..double post.

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    I went to Borovets this year. I’ve only been skiing in the indoor slopes at xscape so it was new to me and I enjoyed it! Mainly blue and red runs with 2-3 blacks. It’s definitely a beginner/intermediate place though. Talking to someone in the lift who was a good skier and he wouldn’t go again.

    On the plus side we were spending about £17 a day for dinner with drinks on the slopes, me and the wife, and then drinks at the hotel restaurant were about £1.80 a pint.

    We stayed at the hotel lion which was very nice but a short, free, bus ride to the slopes. The hotel Rila was in the town itself and was at the bottom of one of the runs but its a bit more expensive.

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    We are keen to go skiing next year and prices in Bulgaria look reasonable. Does anyone here have any experience of skiing here? If so is there any resorts or areas in particular you would recommend, or any advice you could offer?


    Been to pamps years ago so can’t really comment as its changed so much, but I’ve been to Bansko about 7 times and borovets once.
    Neither are big resorts and I didn’t really enjoy borovets, lots of strip bars and touts hassling you at a night time.
    Bansko IMO is the best resort but last time I was there it was insanely busy and seemed full of out of control Russians.
    There is also hefty queues at the gondola in the morning, if you there at 8 its usually ok but by 8:30 its huge!


    Been to Bansko with the family the last two years. SKi holidays are never cheap but Bansko does work out cheaper than the Alps. If you are a competent skier you will find it very limiting. I can ski the whole area in half a day, but if you are a beginner then it is fine. It can be busy, the queue at the gondola in the morning is quite large – but it is in the bigger Alps resorts. They keep threatening to build a second gondola, but I gather things move quite slowly there. Once you’re on the mountain they’re not too bad.

    Bansko town itself is quite good, a damn sight better and livelier than some of the town’s in some of the French Alps i’ve been to. There is the upper part of the town around the Gondola, and the older town a bit lower down. Its relatively cheap with plenty of nice places to eat, local beers are very good. The whole family can get a slap up meal for about £30 – £40. The ski pass is not that much cheaper than the Alps – I usually pay £180 to £200 ish in the Alps for a 6 day pass – its about £140 for Bansko, so on a cost per KM of ski area its pricy. The prices on the mountain are a fraction of what you’ll pay in the French Alps, which are just getting extortionate now. There is a weekly market for half a day if you’re taking some time off the slopes.

    Difficult to recommend that you go without knowing what you’re used to. If you’re a first time skier, or a beginner then its as good a place as any. Bansko itself is certainly more lively than alot of Alp resorts i’ve been to.


    We looked into Bulgaria for last years trip, but the costs of the flights and bringing kit on the plane put us off. We drove to the alps, with a family of 4 and brought all our own skis and boards.

    Last years hols was taken during half term, not booked till December, and cost us £1600 for all of us, all in. We do go self catering, but went to Switzerland.

    Next year is already booked and will be the week before half term (naughty, but I did not fancy the q’s as its also half term for Paris and holland) and out apartment will be 1075 Euro in morzine. It sleeps 9, with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, so we will share this with some family/friends.

    I’d say, if you are going with more then 2 people, drive to the alps. Especially if you bring your own kit.


    Have done various alps resorts over the years & have been to Bansko twice. First time was a lads week away & the second was with my 12-year old son on his first snowboard trip (in Feb half term) Really enjoyed Bansko both times & will be going back with the kids next year.

    Its not got the ski area the Alps has but there is fair amount of off piste fun in between the main slopes.

    The Gondola does get really busy from about 8:30 until 10:00 but once you’re on the mountain the lifts are pretty quick moving.

    I booked everything myself after trawling the net & can pass a few details on if you needed.

    Have a look at

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    Thanks for the replies.

    We are intermediate to advanced in ability and have been to Breckenridge in Colorado and Zermatt in the last 5 years. I am probably the least experienced but fine on easier black runs.

    Buzz Lightyear – care to elaborate on Slovenia?


    Breckenridge in Colorado and Zermatt

    You will find Bulgaria very small and tame in comparison.
    We went to Boravets a few years back, snow was very thin low down and lifts up top were often closed because of the wind. I know bad conditions can hit any area but I would always hedge my bets and go somewhere higher and more snow sure.

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