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  • Skiddaw route up trackhelp
  • stevedoc

    Just the quickest question best route up Skiddaw This is the way I went last time ,but is there a better route that takes in some of the tour of Skiddaw round Bakestall or Sale how.


    There are maybe eight or nine routes up – up from Dash Falls (by Dead Craggs) would tie in with the tour of Skiddaw.

    Premier Icon TomB

    If you do that route again, add in the summit of Dodd and the track off the front- up from the cold between Dodd and carlside to a t junction, right for an out and back to the very summit then back to the junction and take the other way for the path off the front- good fun. No easier ways up Skiddaw summit, just variations on big height gain. The main BW track is the most ‘rideable’


    Its my intention to do this loop then after the summit of Skiddaw try not to die on the scree slope from hell(granted last time I went down it I was running guide brakes not saints ) then finish on maybe a Pike that will remain nameless 😉
    Is there a route up from Skiddaw house ^ up ? looks like it on Os maps

    Yep, from the back of the house up to the final gate before the summit.

    The route up from Skiddaw house is mostly grassy but steep, better descended than ascended (pushing for the majority of it going up I think). Nice scenic bit of trail between Skiddaw house and south to Lonscale crags

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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