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  • Rogan Josh

    Any recommendations? Or deals?

    Not really sure what to look for as never used one.

    Premier Icon wallop

    One that fits with your goggles – go and try some on.

    I have a Bollé which is very comfortable but everyone’s bonce is different!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Red trace and anon goggles here

    Premier Icon bruk

    Had a Red helmet 1st when virtually no one else was wearing them, replaced it with Giro one as was bearing a few scars.

    As with any helmet, fit is most important, then look at ventilation, having a varied degree can help, spring boarding in sunshine needs lots of vents whereas January in Canada means you need good ear pieces.

    If you like your goggles take them along and make sure they fit or buy new ones that do fit.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    POC make some very nice ones, suitably expensive !

    I have a Bolle also, best to go to a shop with a decent range and try a few on.

    Given the Schumacher incident perhaps this is a well timed question even if a little unfortunate in its timing

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I have a Smith helmet, which fits impeccably with my Smith goggles.

    Agree that adjustable ventilation is a good thing if you ride in varying conditions/countries.


    Sports Direct had some Nevica ones on offer last year at about £40 off rrp – they were less than £20. Might be worth seeing if they have a similar deal this year.


    One that fits.

    Unimpressed by my POC. My Smith Variant is a much better helmet and for me its a perfect fit.


    I have just been given a Giro as a Christmas present (knew size was right, as had used same model before). Works for me, but might not suit your head shape.

    Fit is the most important thing, as said above. I don’t use goggles (as I need my prescription sunglasses to see past my nose), but take anything like glasses/goggles when you go to try one on.


    Bern is what I use

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Poc, Carrera, giro, red, sweet: all ok. Not seen the nevica one, but as it gives money direct to Mike Ashley, my moral compass would say no..The only one from a big make I’d avoid at present is the dianese airsoft, which got an absolute hammering by ADAC for the way the buckles fell apart under test. Oh and that ruroc lid with the integrated face mask and goggles. You are NOT a fighter pilot.

    Some great bargains to be had in TKMAXX at present.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Try them on and bring your goggle. Had my heart set on a helmet but just didn’t feel good on my bonce.

    Went with a Giro helmet. Can’t re-call the model but after skiing in a helmet last year I love it.

    Was worried i’d over heat but was spot on.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’ve got a cheap Giro – like their MTB helmets the fit is great, however unlike their MTB helmets it’s a bit heavy!

    I have a Smith helmet, which fits impeccably with my Smith Oakley goggles.


    Never overheated, even in springtime in Serre Che. Equally, never got too cold, just slip a buff underneath. Oh, and as the helmet and goggles ‘work’ together, I don’t fog up, either.

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