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  • Ski gloves advice needed (boring but I do need help)
  • Premier Icon igm

    Going next month for some spring snow and I need some new gloves.

    Given that it’s likely that we’ll be on slush by the afternoon said gloves will get soaked.

    Therefore I want a 2 piece glove so I can leave the liner to dry and stick a new liner in for the second day – and so on. Also if it gets really warm I can leave the liner out.

    Who is selling decent, mid-price XL or XXL 2 pieces gloves? Or alternatively any makes and models that people know?

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    If your gloves are decently waterproof then your liners shouldn’t get that wet, especially if you are skiing so not pushing up off the snow etc.

    As for makes, I like Dakine stuff. I’m currently using the Dakine Scout.


    spring glove i would say you’re better off with a thin single layered as it will be warm enough during the day and also dry out loads quicker. also a dry inner inserted into a wet outer wont stay dry for long.

    have a look at pipe gloves – they’re usually pretty good for spring.

    686 and dakine are probs my favourites.

    edit: to take on board graham’s comments – i’m coming from a boarding background where everything gets soaked in spring slush!

    edit 2: wouldn’t count on it being slushy either just coz it is spring. some of the best snow conditions i have ridden have been in spring!


    I have some Hestra 3 finger gauntlets which are excellent and have a removable fleece inner glove. I got the cheaper (but still pricey) non goretex version and they are still very waterproof and breathable.

    If I lost them, I’d buy the same again.

    You’ll be needing a DaKine Titan glove, then.

    Unless of course you meant to type;

    Given that it’s likely that we’ll be on slush by the afternoon said gloves will get soaked because I can’t stop falling over like a falling over addict and so I’ll be soaked from head to foot.

    If that’s the case, may I suggest sir looks at Marigolds?


    Premier Icon igm

    Marigolds are not quite breathable enough for my sweaty hands.

    Peachos has it – I’m a boarder and I will get soaked.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I’ve got a pair of Grenade park gloves that I wear at Xscape. They are fine for spring conditions too. Your hands get wet but stay warm (wetsuit stylee).

    Failing that: handdryers in the loo or hairdryers in hotel room are always good for drying your outers 😀


    What you need for spring is ‘pipe gloves’ – minimal insulation just waterproof and comfy. They also make great riding gloves.

    Big insulated jobs will stink within a week!


    Mountain Equipment Randonne glove is my contribution. they do a water proof one that I have but I can;t remember their name. either way, they have a lovely fleece lining and a snot wiper on the thumb

    Mountain Equipment Randonnee – warm when wet and dry very quickly (like a Buffalo mitt), tough leather palm and fingers, very dexterous, suitably cosy. Not technically waterproof but they don’t need to be and their breathability makes goretex et al feel like plastic bags.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    is this cheap ? – seem like a good idea to me (but a bit steep) and presumably could wear your existing biking gloves underneath ??

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Ive got Dakine ones with the built in wrist guards

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