Ski boots – the "quiver killer" equivalent…

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  • Ski boots – the "quiver killer" equivalent…
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    So I’m in the market for some boots, but want something that’ll cope equally with touring as well as Alpine – I appreciate there’ll be some compromise for an all-rounder but I’m just after something that’ll enable me to enjoy both disciplines without having to own/carry around 2 separate pairs…

    Somebody’s suggested I have a look at the Scarpa Freedom SL, as it’s got interchangeable sole units for AT and Alpine and it’s compatible with all binding types. That aspect being quite important as I don’t own my own skis – I’m lucky having friends living in a couple of different places in the Alps who loan me kit when I visit.

    Anybody used or own a set and can give me any feedback? Also, where’d be good in the SE to go look/buy from? I’m currently not far from Camberley and am not averse to travelling in to London if needs be (the bloke who suggested the boots, suggested somewhere in Kensington/Fulham…) or somewhere within about an hours’ drive (although I’d originally considered going as far as Lockwood’s but they don’t have any…).


    If you’re size 9 I have a set of mint top of the range Scarpa Touring boots with adjustable inclination etc. Used once and sat in the loft for a few years.

    Was thinking of Ebaying them…

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    Hmm… 9.5 usually but just come back from a week away using some issued Scarpas in 9.5 that were maybe a little big, so I’d probably want to try them on first – you anywhere near Camberley? Can you email details – addy’s in profile, ta.

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