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  • Premier Icon darrell

    to him building his own makes more sense and is probably cooler

    dont be so tight and let him have his own way


    He’s a little old… 😉

    In all seriousness get down to your local skate shop.

    How large a 14 year old is he? You’re prolly gonna want a 7.5-7.75inch deck with Independent 129’s and some wheels with bearings in, get allen key mounting hardware. at this stage the board will get battered and so will the wheels but its worth buying the nicest trucks you can, and Inde’s are the best trucks and anyone who tells you different is a heathen. Trucks often last several boards if not several years, even doing lots of grinds.

    alternatively any old beginner set up from a proper skate shop will sort him, the argos/supermarket jobbies are worthless, they don’t turn proper and that’s what he’ll be learning first.

    and you can still do it when you’re all growed up!!!

    stunt by passtherizla, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    My son want’s a skateboard – I’ve no idea where to start but I suppose I’m looking for the skateboard equivelant of a £600 hardtail – a good place to start off and should last until we see if he really gets into it or not.
    Any suggestions? – he’s talking about building his own but to me a complete board makes more sense


    I use to buy my stuff from back in the day.


    Watch bones brigade on Netflix with him, its a fabulous documentary

    I used to have a blond board but loved the world industries stuff 🙂


    My 14y/o is on his second long board
    A jay Adams z flex

    Lush … Rides really well & ultra stable


    Also to watch, lords of dog town and dogtown and the z-boys….


    Have a look at Rollersnakes.

    Was in there earlier this week with my 11 yr old building his 1st proper board (8.1). All in about 120 (not top end at all). Otherwise good “completes” start about 50. Call them up if you want advice. They’re v helpful.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    just spoke to Rollersnakes – thanks!

    The Darkstar completes (£80 down to £50) are looking like a good place to start

    Boba Fatt

    for a little bit more this looks not bad:

    Looks to be Bullet trucks. Most likely all the stuff on this board will have come from NHS, who dole out Creature, Santa Cruz, Flip etc. Creature would also hold a bit more cache down the skatepark.

    passtherizla’s bang on though, if he gets into it then Indy’s for xmas, best trucks out there and will last ages.

    Also be careful when buying a complete. Sometimes the decks aren’t maple but birch, which won’t last anywhere near as long as good old 7 ply maple.

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