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  • Sivota, Greece for mtb?
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    Anyone been? Is it any good?
    Rigid singlespeedable or better off on hardtail with gears?


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    Any of the morning crowd able to help?


    Yes 🙂

    Is this with Neilson?

    Basically there is good stuff but it’s not easy to find on your own as talks will often just peter out.

    There are some big hills and sometimes a load of road to join talks so I personally wouldn’t take a ss.

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    I was at the Neilson last October and rode most of their harder routes. Their routes tended to be long ups using road and track with slightly more techy downs. Quite a lot of the downs I rode were dry river beds so I guess at some points of the year they won’t exist. Quite a lot of baby head loose bouldery bits.

    The rode riding was almost better IMO. Nice eu funded smooth roads but it is all hilly, not least the last mile back to the club. A single speed would not be my bike if choice- you would be either twiddling like a loon or gurning but you ss weirdos like that sort of thing!

    I was there a few years back with Neilson and did a couple of rides with them. As I recall there was a really nice loop up the valley to an old farmstead with a great section of singletrack coming back down. The ride up to the radio masts is also worthwhile for the view but IIRC a good bit of it was on the road.

    In terms of bikes, it is pretty steep – you may be OK on a singlespeed but it depends on what you’re used. Neilson used to have a pretty good hire fleet – Orange P7s and the like, not sure what they’re like these days.

    It’s a lovely spot either way – we really enjoyed it there. The round island swim is worth doing!

    The round island swim is worth doing!

    If you’re a mentalist. 😀

    Far better to get yourself hooked up with the mighty Andreas and his boats of fun….!


    I was the guide there the first year it opened back in 2003. As said above the road riding is excellent even if you have to do it on a mountain bike. The offroad is good as well, but mainly wider tracks, but plenty technical enough because of the loose rocks everywhere.

    Good water skiing and wake boarding as the water is flat, but its not a very windy resort, although that does pick up in September a little.


    Don’t go there expecting to sail/windsurf…

    The steps are a killer too (at least if you’ve done a lot of riding they are). It’s great and beautiful resort though.

    The radio masts ride is fun if a bit of a slog 🙂

    One other thing. If you are going with Neilson don’t bother taking your own bike. The bikes there are decent enough (£800-£1k ish) Treks that are easily up to the trails and given the rocks/etc bikes do take a bit of a hammering there, not to mention the hassle and extra cost of travelling with a bike. I would take your own helmet though (just because I don’t fancy using a helmet other people have used…) and shoes/SPDs if that’s what you use.

    Incidentally, they also have road bikes there now so if you like that, you don’t have to slog it on an mtb.

    Some rides from Sivota:

    Radio masts – my fave: (this is mainly a road ride but we still had a broken collar bone and stitches after it rained mid way through and made the road surface really slippery…)

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    Was last there in May 2012. Agree that the bikes are good enough that it’s not worth taking your own. You can’t take the Neilson bikes out on your own – minimum of two people – but it’s more fun in the guided groups anyway.

    The road cycling is really good; I think the MTB not quite as good but still fun. The bigger road trips start pretty early in the morning so you get back with time to do lots of other stuff during the day. The MTB trips started later in the morning, when I was there at least, so tended to take a bit more of a bite out of other recreational time.

    It’s a beautiful spot!

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    Nielson – yes. Thanks for the info so far. Bit torn as to whether to take a bike now – a bit wierd going back to a bike with skateboard wheels. Need to fit riding around children’s groups.


    The kids clubs start at 930 iirc which is later than the rides which usually start at 8ish. Mrs clubber didn’t fancy the riding so it wasn’t an issue for us.

    I really wouldn’t bother taking your own bike unless you’re a really odd shape 😉

    One other thing I’ve done is find other people who are riding and go out with them during the day if you can’t make the ride times.

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