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  • SITS Course, hilly, flat, good, bad?
  • s8tannorm

    Hello, just wondering what the SITS course is like …I know it’ll no doubt be muddy before anyone starts.

    I’m thinking along the lines of, much climbing, any nice woody bits or just a flat field?

    Thank you



    Its quite hilly, theres some tricky rocky sections. I believe they’re making the north shore section bigger and higher this year

    It’s utter rubbish to be honest. Nothing of interest really – just a plod usually through sticky, claggy mud.


    2 bikes

    a fun one for caning around the “actually not bad considering the terrain” descents, while its dry.

    and a SS mud plugger for post dusk, if your still at it…

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    It’s okay in the dry. If you want to ride technical stuff though, go somewhere else.

    I agree. In the dry it’s mostly smooth, fast, sometimes twisty, fairly good fun. There are a few small hills, nothing much really. no technical sections, a couple of steep short, descents. I quite like it, for a 24 hour race course.

    In the wet, it all falls to bits and is horrible.


    I had considered taking 2 bikes …one being ss just in case.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    There are a few small hills, nothing much really.

    I always think that about Catton and for the first few laps it’s true, you can get up everything in middle ring. By half way through you notice every tiny incline and you’ll be needing every last gear you’ve got! It can get quite bumpy and rutted in places too – I prefer short travel full sus for riding there unless it’s muddy in which case I won’t ride…

    The 4 foot drop off into the riverbed is fun.
    I really hope they keep the shore open this year, I had a great time on the seesaws

    James – i think that’s why it’s a good 24 course. if you’re in a team, every lap can ridden ridden flat out and it seems easy enough. if you’re solo, it’s plenty hilly enough by 4am!

    I thought it dull and easy apart from the mud the twice I rode it. Even the 4 am lap (my ninth or so) was just a dull plod.

    Ride it faster then! 🙂

    In a team, I just remember feeling sick the whole way round and barely being able to see straight by the end of each lap. I didn’t really have chance to notice what the course was like.

    its pretty shit as a race course (24 hour or not)
    go to any 24 hour race in scotland, and you get proper hills, and proper technical descents. much better

    GF – I am an middleaged man and I was soloing. Still overtook a good few folk tho. really some of the dullest riding I have ever done – I never want to ride another field margin in my life

    I fancy Relentless this year or ten under Kirrie

    Oh well, no-one promised it was the alps and you don’t have to go back.

    Premier Icon dot

    Suits SS really well due to lack of any real hillage and much mudage

    The course is easy and painless in the dry, i would imagine!!
    Having ever only ridden on or two dry laps in two attempts though!

    In the wet it is sheer hell on earth!!

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